Program 3

Friday, November 15, 7:05 pm

Boy in Bloom
Canada / Drama / 18mins
Set in the 1970s, Boy in Bloom follows aimless young Rooney as he enters The Night Kitchen, an underground queer bar. Hired as security for the renowned drag queen Miss Cynthia, Rooney is thrown into a crystalline community, unprepared for this new worlds offerings. Here, he begins to learn the importance of the company you keep.

Director/Writer: Ivanka Haney

Writer: Jonathan Brent

Producer: Jonathan Brent, Danielle Robitaille

Cast: Matthew Prebeg, Matt Barnes

Her Little Rose
Canada / Drama / 14mins
Rose has been struggling to cope with the increasing pressure from taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s and her family. As the only child, she has found it very hard to decide whether to send her Alzheimer’s mom to a nursing home while the emotional and physical problems from her pregnancy are getting harder to deal with.

Director/Writer: Tam Tran

Producer: Cheyenne Lynn 

Cast: Christine Gillian, Mary G. Nguyen

Canada / Drama / 12mins
'Petal' centres around Elsie, a passionate feminist working tirelessly to motivate the women’s liberation movement of the 1970's, while facing backlash against her personal & business decisions. When a dismayed young girl enters her flower shop their interaction reveals the deeply ingrained problems with modern society & the necessary roles of both men & women in shaping the future.

Director/Writer: Jill Harper

Writer: Georgia Hunter

Producer: Georgia Hunter, Rebecca McGarvie

Cast: Georgia Hunter, Chantel McDonald, Niamh Carolan

Misfit M.
Canada / Drama / 15mins
Documenting four days in 1961 in which Marilyn Monroe was unknowingly admitted to the psychiatric ward of a New York clinic by her own female psychiatrist, only managing to escape thanks to threats made by ex-husband Joe DiMaggio.

Director: Austin Ball, Sarah Hempinstall

Writer: Marilyn Monroe

Producer: Paige Locke, Allie Dunbar

Cast: Paige Locke

Father by Law
USA/Canada  / Drama / 18mins
A father attempts to reconnect with his daughter on her wedding day.

Director/Writer: Maria De Sanctis

Writer: Geoff McFarlane

Producer: Eva Midgley

Cast: William Russ, Annie Clark

Men of Vision
USA / Comedy / 19mins
At the turn of the 20th Century, swaggering inventor Hubert Moss is having a dry spell that threatens to ruin him. Could the young acolyte who shows up at his door be his salvation?

Director/Writer: Frank Todaro

Producer: Robert Fernandez, Dan Levinson

Cast: Aaron Serotsky, Bryan Burton, Richard Portnow

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