Program 6

Saturday, November 16, 7:05 pm

We're Not Talking About It
Canada / Drama / 5mins
An authentic friendship requires a whole lot of love, patience, and compassion. Watch as these pals navigate through lifes changes.

Director: Jen Pogue

Writer: Winny Clarke

Producer: Winny Clarke

Cast: Winny Clarke, Jennifer Farrugia

From the Thunder
Canada / Drama / 10mins
From The Thunder is a visually striking yet poignant depiction of the horrors of war on soldiers of all countries. Shown on a more personal scale than that of a large war piece, we follow three Canadian scouts as they come across a lone German deserter when looking for shelter from the impending storm. We share in the terrors of battle from both sides of the war and how these soldiers handle their shared trauma in very different ways...

Director: Daniel Everitt-Lock

Writer: Sean Meldrum

Producer: Daniel Everitt-Lock, Joe Craib

Cast: Courtney Coleman, Dean Anderson

Only in Dreams
USA / Drama / 16mins
A young man battles his memories and daydreams at a wedding for the girl he thought he was going to marry.

Director/Writer: Travis Mauck

Producer: Christopher Todd, Chris Jay

Cast: Ryan Garcia, Roxanna Dunlop

Canada / Drama / 12mins
In a world where everyone wears masks to hide their true selves, a woman must choose to reveal herself to her boyfriend.

Director: Rob Comeau

Cast: Olga Korsak, TJ Cheslea

Hunter's Chance
Canada / Drama / 14mins
When contract killer Jane is given the chance to settle her debt with one last hit, she is forced to face the darkest parts of her childhood in order to settle the score.

Director: Courtney Deelen

Writer: Amanda Joy

Producer: Courtney Deelen

Cast: Nicole St. Martin, Shawn Lawrence, Amanda Joy

The Husband
Canada / Comedy / 11mins
At the end of their resources, but not short of ideas, two crazy lovers decide to find a husband.

Director: William Mazzoleni

Writer: Nicole Bélanger

Producer: Tim Ringuette

Cast: Geneviève Boivin-Roussy, Olivier Morin, Maxime Tremblay

France/USA / Drama / 25mins
in a Los Angeles radio station. The host of an emblematic night talk show (William Baldwin) gives advice to live callers. 
One call will destroy his career, his family, his life ...

Director/Writer: Boulanger Romuald

Producer: Boulanger Romuald

Cast: William Baldwin

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