Program 7

Saturday, November 16, 9:15 pm

Germany / Drama / 4mins
Great misfortune brings back together an estranged mother and daughter. The daugther tries to take care of the old woman, a feeling of belonging cannot be forced, though. Deprived of her autonomy the mother seeks refuge in a place beyond reach.

Director/Writer: Agnes Regan

Producer: Theresa Sophie Albert, Agnes Regan

Cast: Caroline Felber, Theresa Sophie Albert

Still Untitled
Canada / Drama / 15mins
Lying in her bed, a woman receives a text message from a man that she likes. He asks for a picture of her. Dissatisfied with the pictures that she takes of herself, the woman decides to play a game where she pretends to be the illustrious Cindy Sherman in four photographs from her Untitled Film Stills series.

Director/Writer: Geneviève Sauvé

Writer: Catherine Dumas

Producer: Geneviève Sauvé

Cast: Catherine Dumas

Such a Small Thing
Canada / Drama / 10mins
A woman in her 40's goes back to her small hometown to confront her boyfriend of the assault that happened when they were teens.

Director: Shelly J. Hong

Writer: Juno Rinaldi

Producer: Juno Rinaldi, Shelly J. Hong

Cast: Juno Rinaldi, Shaun Smyth, Megan Charpentier

Canada / Documentary / 11mins
'Salma' follows the inspiring story of a Hijabi Muslim Canadian as she explores different facets of her identity as a stand-up comic and a biomedical engineer - two very niche and male-dominated industries. 

Director: Leila Almawy

Producer: Leila Almawy

Canada / Drama / 10mins
Lynn and Ben head north for a weekend getaway in an idyllic location only to discover things are not as perfect as they seem - at least not for Ben... 

Director/Writer: Shari Hollett

Producer: Chris Earle, Shari Hollett

Cast: Kylee Evans, Sandy Jobin Bevans

Dolphin Girl
USA / Drama / 11mins
Eleven-year-old Liam moves to Florida with his family. In a strange environment, and about to start a new school, he struggles with letting go of the past. Liam visits a local aquarium where he meets Dolphin Girl, a mysterious young girl obsessed with dolphins. Through a series of visits at the beach, Dolphin Girl convinces Liam to embrace a new beginning and at the same time, finds her own peace.

Director/Writer: Tanya Carleton Lovrics

Producer: RB Botto

Cast: Jennifer Faith Ward

Canada / Drama / 7mins
An addict pushes away the last person on her side.

Director/Writer: Habon Jibril

Producer: Alex Pinto

Cast: Aundreya Thompson, Lynette Foster

Touch Me
Germany / Drama / 21mins
Alice has a fight on her hands. Against her breast cancer which makes her feel so helpless as she sees her body changing. Against her fears about what still lies ahead. And against Moritz who loves her deeply but struggles as much as her with the new situation.

Director/Writer: Eileen Byrne

Writer: Elodie Malanda 

Producer: Matthias Nerlich

Cast: Kristin Suckow, Max Bretschneider

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