Program 9

Sunday, November 17, 7:05 pm

USA / Drama / 3mins
An insecure student with a crippling crush must find the courage to be seen.

Director/Writer: John Grammatico

Producer: Robert Katz

Cast: Haley Lauren, Ashley Puzemis, Sebastian Cabana

Pronounced: North London Darby
Canada / Comedy / 7mins
A Toronto man and his visiting English drinking buddy enjoy a spirited male bonding session over a televised game of soccer at a bar; in spite of each other’s wildly differing opinions on the sport.

Director: Michael Zamanis 

Producer: Michael Zamanis 

Cast: Paul Chiusolo, Brendan O'Gorman

The Ones Who Wilt
Canada / Drama / 29mins
A teenage girl grapples with sending her best friend to the afterlife in this coming-of-age fantasy short film.

Director/Writer: Malachi Rowswell, Carl Solis

Writer: Kyra Corbitt

Producer: Malachi Rowswelll, Carl Solis

Cast: Emma Cheuk, Brittany Howatt, Isai Rivera Blas

Under The Supermoon
Canada / Drama / 13mins
When her younger brother dies by suicide, Lena returns to her childhood home to help her family ready for the funeral. Recalling the final moments she had with her brother, Lena comes to terms with her own grief and the guilt that she has been carrying with her since his death.

Director/Writer: Larica Perera

Producer: Ali Goldthorpe, Bea Macapagal

Cast: Andrea Bang, Ticoon Kim, Redd Ochoa

The Sex Act
Canada / Drama / 12mins
Ellen seeks out her own sex education when she’s dissatisfied with the lesson she’s given at school. She discovers a world of knowledge so incredible, she decides to gather her friends and start her own sex-ed-club, much to the dismay of her parents.

Director/Writer: Madelyn Rideout

Producer: Ivana Strajin

Cast: Hanna Anderson, Sarah Jean Hodkinson, Estella Haensel

Canada / Drama / 8mins
A woman is stalked by a drone

Director: Laura Perlmutter, Daniel Perlmutter

Writer: Daniel Perlmutter

Producer: Laura Perlmutter

Cast: Cara Ricketts

Trapped Birds
China / Drama / 21mins
Hua, longing for a free life yet with no achievement at any kind at her forty, only doing some petty indecent business, trapped in a town named Wenling to take care of her sick mother, who had been in her late stage of uremia. The mother, fishing for her whole life on the sea, now because of the uremia, could not drink any water but stayed at home everyday. When Hua had a foreign boyfriend in local, her mother had opposed strongly against it and between these two persons of strong personality a huge conflict had exploded…

Director/Writer: River Deng, Shine Wong

Producer: Shine Wong

Cast: Zhang Yuanyu, Ti Aimin, Lionel Pierre Roudaut

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