Program 10

Sunday, November 17, 9:15 pm

USA / Experimental / 3mins
A man inexplicably finds himself falling to earth

Director/Writer: David Masters

Producer: David Masters

Cast: Douglas Goodwin

Canada / Drama / 11mins
The daily work of the apprentice never changes until...

Director: Darcy Love

Writer: Gordon Harper

Producer: Gordon Harper

Cast: Gordon Harper, Christian Lloyd

Diamond In The Rough
Canada / Drama / 14mins
It's a battle of wits and kicks when Brayden, the charming new thief on the block tries to rob Chloe, a mastermind jewel thief.

Director: Jackie English

Writer: Thet Win, Greg Jackson

Producer: Thet Win

Cast: Thet Win, Michelle Argyris

Canada / Drama / 12mins
Somewhere in 1998, three individuals are seeking a person whose future is the reason why he's been tracked down for extermination.

Director/Writer: Jamie Zampini

Producer: Jamie Zampini

Cast: Jozsef Ragalyi, Sara Sue Vall√©e, Samir Suliman

The Burglar
Canada / Drama / 11mins
A wealthy tenant subdues a burglar caught robbing his downtown Toronto condo, but loses control of the situation right before the cops arrive.

Director/Writer: Xander Copp

Producer: Xander Copp, Jade Leo Robertson

Cast: Emmanuel Kabongo, Jamie Mazcko

Happy Birthday 2 U!
Canada / Drama / 4mins
A strange event occurs at a young mans birthday party.

Director/Writer: Jesse James Marshall

Producer: Jesse James Marshall

Cast: Paul Apostolov, Deanna Dressel, Matthew Spencer

Canada / Drama / 10mins
Olivia is walking home after a movie, following the tragic death of her father. As she walks, a stranger asks for her help to find his dog and they attempt to search for it.

Director/Writer: Steven Griffin

Producer: Steven Griffin

Cast: Jenn Addesso, Scott Murray, Alanna Avila

The Adventures of Dash Cloudrider: In Galdar's Grip
Canada / Sci-Fi Adventure / 23mins
In the year 2020, the evil warlord Galdar threatens to destroy the peaceful United Galactic Counsel and only one hero can save the day...

Director: Joe Frechette, A. Frank Willis Jr.

Writer: Joe Frechette

Cast: Taylor Grist, Emily Hale, Paul d'Entremont

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