Program 4

Friday, November 15, 9:15 pm

Johnny Nocash: Southbound
Canada / Music Video / 4mins
In a dust storm in limbo, on the horizon to nowhere, while heading south bound on route to "dagger road", Johnny Nocash and the Celtic Outlaws take their stand.

Director/Writer: Daniel Clements

Producer: Daniel Clements, Johnny Nocash and the Celtic Outlaws

Cast: Johnny Nocash and the Celtic Outlaws

Canada / Drama / 12mins
Based on true events, Dystonia tells the story of violinist James Wong who, while studying at McGill University, is diagnosed with Focal Hand Dystonia: a neurological movement disorder causing the muscles of a player’s hand to involuntarily contract. As he tries to get a handle on his injury, his pride and fear of failure soon take a dire toll on his love life, his involvement with McGill’s top string quarter…and himself.

Director: Julian Stamboulieh

Writer: Kenny Wong

Producer: Benjamin Warner, Sydney van Delft 

Cast: Kenny Wong, Sydney van Delft

Canada / Documentary / 6mins
Cypher parallels the process of musical collaboration with the peer-support method of mental health caregiving. Just as every musical collaboration is personal and unique, so too is each caregiving experience. Join award-winning peer support caregiver Asante Haughton in conversations with caregivers and premiere Canadian music talents on the front lines of mental health. 

Director: Ken Galloway, Rouzbeh Heydari

Writer: Ken Galloway

Producer: Dani Ng-See-Quan, Ken Galloway 

Cast: Asante Haughton, Derek Christoff (D-Sisive), Bif Naked (Beth Torbert)

Beats in a Bagel Shop
Canada / Music Video / 20mins
"Beats in a Bagel Shop" is an episodic musical short film and visual EP. It is the story of two friends who face difficulty when one falls in love, as his heart skips a beat for a new romantic interest. We journey through heartbeats, getting beaten and broken after a break-up and finally - beating heartbreak - all set to musical beats.

Director: J.B. Lawrence

Producer: Tracy Harris

Cast: Kyle Meagher, Dalila Bela

The Ghost of Hank Williams
USA  / Comedy / 15mins
The story of a down and out ghost hunting couple who find themselves at The American Hotel, a strange historic landmark where country legend Hank Williams died at 29 under mysterious circumstances on New Years Eve, 1953.

Director/Writer: Ari Selinger

Producer: Lexi Tannenholtz

Cast: David Rysdahl, Ed Camacho, Cyndee Rivera

Metronome (in time)
USA / Drama / 13mins
In this wordless fable, an elderly ailing maestro and a young piano prodigy venture out of their musical isolation in hopes of selling their beloved piano.

Director/Writer: Scott Floyd Lochmus

Producer: Valerie Steinberg

Cast: David Patrick Kelly, Gabriel Gurevich, Patrick Cannell

New York Rhapsody
USA / Experimental/Music Video / 14mins
On the notes of George Gershwin's immortal "Rhapsody in Blue," New York City wakes up and and begins the daily cycle of life, dreams, and their inevitable intersections. We follow three creatives as they hustle and fight against and within the rhythm of the city to chase their artistic visions.

Director/Writer: Salvatore D'Alia

Producer: Paul Del Gesso, Irwin Suba

Cast: Vanessa Joy, Robin Andre Baksh, Chris Palermo

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