Program 5

Saturday, November 16, 4:55 pm

Monsters In The Dark
USA / Animation / 6mins
A young boy haunted by his abused past fears the love of his new family and runs away into a dark forest where he meets a monster that will change his life forever.

Director/Writer: Apollonia Thomaier

Producer: Apollonia Thomaier, Aizen Chiu 

Cast: Christine Gillian, Mary G. Nguyen

Kicking Stones
Canada / Drama / 13mins
Dante is a young adult living on the street and surviving the only way he knows how; music. Years of cold winters and long nights have made him jaded against any change in his environment. A new face, Aaron, with little experience of what it takes to survive on the streets, but a common interest in music, will need his help if they are both to make it out alive.

Director: Tim Lopers

Writer: Kathleen Fobert

Producer: Justin B. Noble

Cast: Doug Leoni, Nick Dolan, Redd Ochoa

The 'S' Word
Canada / Documentary / 10mins
"The ‘S’ Word” is a character-based short documentary that follows 3 unmarried women from different generations, cities, and backgrounds who are without a partner for vastly different reasons.

Director: Mireille Sylvester

Writer: Neeti Jain

Producer: Amanda McKelvey

Canada  / Drama / 9mins
When Wenonah and Luc’s mother dies they must live with their overbearing father on his fur trade expedition and find a way to stand up to him to stop Wenonah’s arranged marriage.

Director/Writer: Deanna Armenti

Producer: Deanna Armenti, Rob Andino

Cast: Melodie Hudder, Sean C Dwyer, D'Pharaoh Woon-a-Tai

Hazel's Origami
Canada / Drama / 7mins
A lonely, white-dressed man sees a woman that reminds him of a little girl who once called him a friend.

Director/Writer: Tatsuya Endo

Producer: Arason Navaranjan

Cast: Etienne Medard, Sarah Zorzoman, Rebekah Johnson

Professional Bride
Canada / Drama / 20mins
In an effort to support her family, a young Ukranian woman arrives in Toronto to scam men who hope she's their dream Slavic bride. When one of her grooms falls through, she decides not to give up and approach him as a completely different woman.

Director/Writer: Liza Korotka

Writer: Emily Lubbers

Producer: Danielle Robitaille

Cast: Masha Mezenina, Simon McCamus

Tripping Over Life
Canada / Drama / 6mins
Tripping Over Life is a short dramatic film that puts a spotlight on Ethan, a young man who struggles with his mental health. Today is his birthday and his friends have put together a party for him. Ethan hopes to have a good time with his girlfriend Layla, and his best friend Dylan. Ethan has to navigate through his relationships both personal and romantic all while getting too caught up in the party atmosphere.

Director/Writer: William Morgan

Producer: William Morgan

Cast: Alec Jordan, Morningstar Desrosiers, Sean Mittelhölzer

The Day Off
USA / Drama / 15mins
Two illegal immigrants want to enjoy themselves in a day off, but nothing works for them.

Director: Carter Zhao

Writer: Edward Howarth

Producer: Eric Moots

Cast: Haosong Yang, Bruce Yang

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