Program 2

Thursday, November 14, 9:15 pm Parody
Canada / Comedy / 2mins
A short parody of an commercial

Director/Writer: Bryan Bakker

Writer: Anita Twynstra

Producer: Bryan Bakker

Cast: Courtney Coleman, Dean Anderson

Borrowed Time
France / Drama / 15mins
Winter 1916. A french lieutenant finds himself the sole survivor of his company after a deadly assault. In search of allied refuge, he is haunted by the ghosts of war.

Director/Writer: Raphaël Treiner

Producer: Lucie Moreau 

Cast: Olivier Treiner, Célian D'Auvigny, Lucas Franken

Deady Freddy
Canada / Animation / 10mins
After a life well lived, Freddy is afforded a chilling encore - he must live his life backwards through the eyes of every bug he has ever killed.

Director/Writer: Alicia Eisen

Producer: Alicia Eisen, Sara Blake

Cast: Kane Steward, Meredith Hama-Brown

Pick Up
Canada / Drama / 8mins
Corentin desperately tries to reach Marcelo who’s been missing in action.

Director: Ludovic L'Heureux Devinat, Sandrick Mathurin

Writer: Ludovic L'Heureux Devinat

Producer: Ludovic L'Heureux Devinat, Sandrick Mathurin

Cast: Arnaud Doiron Barbant, Joseph Bellerose

The Birthday Cut
USA / Drama / 15mins
On his sixth birthday, a timid boy watches as his diametrically opposed grandmothers clash, his father bends to their will, and his fed-up mother lashes out with a long-held family secret.

Director/Writer: Eva Midgley

Producer: Eva Midgley

Cast: Imogen Roux, Grayson Eddey, Barbara Linton

Kino Ratten
New Zealand / Drama / 10mins
In pre-war Nazi Germany, projectionist Hermann Winkler is forced to screen propaganda films before the main features. But the rats of the cinema have been disrupting the screenings and Hermann is given a final warning by the SS. While the latest Nazi film is being projected, the rats cut the film and use the projector beam to perform a shadow play cabaret on the big screen.

Director/Writer: Peter McCully

Producer: Peter McCully

Cast: Steve Dorner, John Leigh, Emmett Skilton

Close Your Eyes
Canada / Drama / 14mins
Close Your Eyes follows Jim and Mae - two young women in the early 1970s - as they navigate their friendship, move through life, and discover what truly matters most to them.

Director/Writer: Hannah Warry-Smith

Cast: Nina Rose Taylor, Julia Pappo

USA / Drama / 7mins
SELFIE explores the value of likability through social media and how sometimes people abandon their real life for the curated life they lead online. Sophie is a young mother who must choose between her addiction to drugs, attention, and selfies and being available for her child. What will she choose?

Director/Writer: Berman Fenelus

Producer: Berman Fenelus, Seled Calderon

Cast: Seled Calderon

A Second Embrace
USA / Drama / 12mins
After agreeing to have dinner it becomes evident that Emilia and Kevin's unspoken past is still at the forefront of this relationship. Emilia and Kevin’s love shines through, making the audience wonder what was it that bound them and why were they estranged for three years? In the last moment of the film we see the devastating reveal of what made this reunion so palpable and haunting, making the audience finally understand why Emilia and Kevin can’t shake their past.

Director: Jess Costa

Writer: Nairoby Otero

Producer: Nairoby Otero

Cast: Luke Younger, Nairoby Otero

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