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An Island Drifts.jpg
An Island Drifts
Singapore | Drama | 19 min

Director/Writer: Vivian Ip

Producer: Jasmine Tay, Kim Mariel

Cast: Timothy Wan, Quintus Lim

Set in Singapore, a young teacher presses for the truth from a maladjusted student, the act leads to devastating results and they suffer the ignominy of losing everything that matters to them. The story holds a mirror up to society, where a mistake can derail a life in an overly pressurized world.
United Kingdom | Drama | 20 min

Director/Writer: Molly Vandermeer

Producer: Parvinder Shergill

Cast: Leslie Ash, Duncan James, Ali Bastian

A young, British South Asian woman attends an Eating Disorder Anonymous group, where she meets a diverse group of service users. A disruption in the group thrusts Raveena into the spotlight.
Circle Equals Square2.jpg
Circle Equals Square
United States | Comedy | 8 min

Director/Writer: Scott Galloway

Cast: H. Blake Edwards, Rebecca Koon, Caroline Renfro

A divorcee attempts to navigate an awkward battery of speed dating prospects in hopes of making a connection.
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