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United States | Drama | 18 min

Director/Writer: Scott Felix

Producer: Spencer Paysinger, Sy Huq

Cast: Shane Paul McGhie, Karimah Westbrook, Thomas Q. Jones

A young man grieving the loss of his mother is catapulted into a near death experience and must learn the meaning of life to escape it.
Piano Lessons.jpg
Piano Lessons
United States | Drama | 30 min

Director/Writer: Yung-Chih 

Producer: Xin Li, David Liu

Cast: Chandler Dean, Sheila Houlahan, Michael Hyland

Thomas, a sensitive and stubborn eleven-year-old boy, tries to make sense of his feelings for his piano teacher.
Red Gaia.jpg
Red Gaia
United States | Sci-Fi | 13 min

Director/Writer: Udesh Chetty

Producer: Udesh Chetty

Cast: Natasha Loring

Alone on the dying red planet, among the ruins of human civilization, one last android desperately guards the last essences of life. In her pursuit for meaning, she finds her own soul hanging in the balance.
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