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Small Boy
Canada | Drama | 9 min

Director/Writer: Nathan Young

Producer: Noah Christensen

Cast: Bentley Storteboom, Brenden Clelland, Taylor Lam Wight

When a game of hide and seek turns into a hider's worst nightmare, a young boy realizes that what he was after was not where he expected.
Japan | Action | 11 min

Director/Writer: Kensaku Kakimoto

Producer: Yuta Nakajima, Shinsaku Tonomura

Cast: Kengo Kora, Asami Mizukawa, Himi Sato

The Critic.jpg
The Critic
United States | Romance | 24 min

Director/Writer: Frank Kelly

Producer: Frank Kelly

Cast: Julia Collier, Nick Puya

After checking into The Biltmore Hotel for what appears to be another routine review, her stay quickly spirals into an adventure of a lifetime when she meets Jack Tupper (Nick Puya), a charming and mysterious golfer who discovers her true identity and offers her a proposition she cannot refuse.
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