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The First_edited.jpg
The First
United States | Drama | 14 min

Director: Emily McDougall

Writer: Emily Baker

Producer: Diana Jacobsen

Cast: Kyra Wisely, Payton Hubert

When her teenage sister starts showing interest in a much older, more dangerous man, Rowan must decide between getting involved, or keeping her sisters secret.

The god of cats is immortal.jpg
The God Of Cats Is Immortal
Italy | Drama | 18 min

Director: Riccardo Copreni

Writer: Gianluca Dario Rota, Andrea Bondioli, Stefano Origgi

Cast: Giuseppe Rodriguez, Gaia Bocci, Simone Santonocito

Aco, a lively fourteen-year-old who wastes away his summer days in Bergamo with friends, is in love with Cate, a girl who doesn’t speak to him anymore ever since he started a false rumor of them having sex. When he’ll find out Cate has lost her cat, Aco decides to look for the lost pet to reconquer the girl’s trust.

The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth.jpg
The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth
United States | Animation | 4 min

Director: Joël Gibbs

Producer: Zach Stevens

A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the moon began to follow him, watching his every move. After months at sea, the ship arrived at a topical island where the moon lead him to his first true love awaiting on the beach.

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