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The Principal's Assembly.jpg
The Principal's Assembly
United States | Drama | 18 min

Director: Jordan Ancel

Writer: Seth Chitwood

Producer: Evan Schneider, Seth Chitwood, Jordan Ancel

Cast: Pamela Jayne Morgan, Anna Rizzo, Marilyn Busch

After the tragic loss of a student, high school principal Jane Marino insists on delivering a sobering speech on the first day of school, however, her emotional stability is called into question.
The Radio_edited.jpg
The Radio
Ireland | Drama | 11 min

Director: Laura Kavanagh

Writer: Thomas Conway

Producer: Evan Horan

Cast: Lalor Roddy, Angela Teefey

An elderly widower depends on his radio to keep a foothold in his routine, when it breaks, his daughter, who knows how important it is to him, is forced to pay more attention to her isolated father.
The Sweet Taste of Freedom.jpg
The Sweet Taste of Freedom
United States | Drama | 34 min

Director: Matthew Penn

Writer: M.A. Malone

Producer: Saskia Rifkin

Cast: John Bedford LLoyd

A man facing a long prison sentence has 48 hours to put his life in order.
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