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The Unfinished Poem.JPG
The Unfinished Poem (Kobitati Oshomapto)
Bangladesh | Drama | 40 min

Director/Writer: Bhuiya Redwanur Rahman

Producer: Abaid Monsur

Cast: Abu Hurayra Tanvir

Asad is a true rebellion poet never ever compromises regarding anything that goes against his ethical values. From the early phase of his life, he started his life with lot of struggles, deprivation and social hatred. But he was quite adamant to change his own life style. Even his girlfriend at the one end of his life rejected him due to his apathy regarding life.
The Writing Box.jpg
The Writing Box
United Kingdom | Drama | 29 min

Director: Tijana Mamula

Writer: Tijana Mamula, Geraldine McCaughrean

Producer: Tijana Mamula, Monica Ioana Lungeanu, Natalie Di Giorgio

Cast: Margot Orr, Beatrice Walker, Sophia Ally

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In the late 1930s, a boarding school bully schemes and dreams her way from the gloom of England to the promises of colonial India.
Tippy Topper.jpg
Tippy Topper
United States | Animation | 6 min

Director: Isis Rubio, Paige Thorsen

A fledgling jello gets too curious about his final destination in a massive food processing plant, a mistake that sends him on a unexpected adventure.
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