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Cold Tea
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director: Asim Overstands

Writer: Asim Overstands, Kiran Sthankiya, Alexa Gilker

Producer: Asim Overstands, Kiran Sthankiya, Vince Raquel

Cast: Kyla Mah, Praneet Akilla, Bhagya Rhamesh

A former couple is unexpectedly reunited on a night out. They experience a mix of emotions as they attempt to gain closure on their relationship.
United States | Drama | 20 min

Director/Writer: Tianyu Tina

Producer: Jiarui Guo, Lakme Iyengar, Esther Regen

Cast: Yi Liu, Eric J Zheng, Rayve Zen

THE CAPITAL 2029: An alternative world where every citizen is imprinted with a barcode. Anyone, who wants to fight against this National Surveillance System, is either fled or jailed. A wounded prisoner escapes. He looks for help in a community hidden from THE CAPITAL. 
Dead Dreams Falling
France | Music Video | 12 min

Director: Craig Murray

Writer: Amine Boucekkine, Craig Murray

Producer: Amine Boucekkine, Craig Murray

Cast: Adam Craigmile, Nevena White

Can a soul come alive without being both haunted and carried by a primal rip that keeps it torn between the irrepressible quest for a certain form of completeness and the equally incoercible feeling of being deprived of it forever ?
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