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Dear Mama....JPG
Dear Mama...
United States | Drama | 14 min

Director: Winter Dunn

Writer: Charmaine Cleveland

Producer: Nicole Mairose Dizon, Xin Li, Jordan Hart

Cast: Mikayla Lashae Bartholomew, Garland Scott, Perry L. Brown

The death of Tupac draws different reactions from a father and his artistic daughter, forcing them to confront the emotional aftermath of their own tragedy.
Switzerland | Animation | 8 min

Director: Beatrice Jäggi

Writer: Beatrice Jäggi, Lina Geissmann

Producer: Lina Geissmann

Ethel discovers boxes with glittering clothes of her late mother, who was a figure skater. In the snowy forest she searches for the idyllic pond where her mother once taught her to skate. She wants to relive those memories, attempts to understand her mother’s passion. On the frozen pond Ethel, however, encounters the Bone Ice Princess, who challenges her to a dangerous dance on thin ice. Will Ethel survive this contest in one piece? A tale of letting go and growing up.
Family Fiction.jpg
Family Fiction
United States | Drama | 15 min

Director: Matt Somogyi

Writer: Tom Ptasinski

Producer: Hunter Finley

Cast: Walker Satterwhite, David Kelsey, Kayla Carlson

Max is the best man at his father's second wedding, a role he reluctantly accepted, and a decision he increasingly regrets. On the day of the event, Max makes an irreversible mistake and a confrontation with his dad becomes inevitable.
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