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Fang Lan_edited.jpg
Fang Lan
Taiwan | Drama | 23 min

Director: Fong-Hao Chang

Writer: Fong-Hao Chang, Ya-Chen Wu

Producer: Kuan-Yu Chen

Cast: Yi-Jung Wu, Yu-Shan Lin, Ting-Chung Chen

After getting married and having a child, Fang-Lan finds herself doing the same unchanging household chores day after day. Today she has received a invitation phone call from her high school classmates association. 
Fish Story.jpg
Fish Story
United States | Drama | 20 min

Director/Writer: Annique Witdoeckt

Producer: Martha Frances Williams, Nabil Viñas, Annique Witdoeckt

Cast: Nabil Viñas, Carla Giosan, Bari Hyman

After losing her mother, Sofia refuses to talk, and her grieving father struggles to connect...until she discovers that Mom has returned, as a fish. With a new fish-mom in the house, Sofia comes to life while Dad is pushed way out of his comfort zone.
Get Out.jpg
Get Out
Russia | Sci-fi Animation | 8 min

Director: Nikita Chepusenko

Writer: Nikita Chepusenko, Ivan Semenov

The nuclear ashes covered the nearest territory of the city after the explosion of the nuclear power plant. A new substance - Sicilium, was formed at the explosion site.
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