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I See You
United States | Romance | 19 min

Director/Writer: Michael Carnick

Producer: Chelsea Fenton

Cast: Kris Ann Russel, Grant Rivers

Two senior lovebirds share romance in a hospital ICU.
Canada | Animation | 14 min

Director/Writer: Kris Fleerackers

Producer: Kris Fleerackers

Disenchanted with the women around him, a man creates an idol of the perfect female and falls in love with it. This live-action puppet short film uses the classical Pygmalion story to explore contemporary issues such as objectification, media culture, social withdrawal and hikikomori syndrome.
United States | Drama | 9 min

Director: Shane Rock Nelson

Writer: Laurie Criego

Producer: Lily Rains

The spirits of a cranky 97-year-old man are lifted when he plays the piano for memory care patients. His music eases their angst and elicits indelible memories, momentarily freeing them from the trap of dementia.
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