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Germany | Suspense | 12 min

Director/Writer: Wesley Tc Howard

Producer: Matthias Fleischmann

Cast: Anna Mennicken

Franconia, Germany 1812. Four Deserters of the Grande Armee are seemingly hunted down by their former comrades. But it is not just the armee that is seeking revenge on the traitors
Never Forget.JPG
Never Forget
United States | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Ida Anita Del Mundo

Producer: Ida Anita Del Mundo, Kyle Bailey

Cast: Mara Lopez, Miguel Braganza II, Chris Paul Morales

VERA, a 33-year-old Filipino-American born and raised in New York, deals with her estranged father PABLO, who has dementia. She hires JHASON, a Filipino nurse who is new in the city, but soon realizes that Jhason is not just who he says he is and that her father has a secret that he has been trying all his life to keep, and now, finally, to forget. 
One From Without.jpg
One From Without
United States | Drama | 12 min

Director: Daniel Stearns

Writer: Eric Weston

Producer: Eric Weston, Juan Alexander, Ray Urdaneta

Cast: Eric Weston Davis, Katelynn Newberry

A young homeless man receives a visit that will forever change the course of his life.
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