Program 10

That Thing Between Us_edited.jpg
That Thing Between Us
Denmark / Romance / 26 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Dave Michael Guller Grønvall-Pedersen

Cast: Afshin Firouzi, Martha Overgaard Bach

Their relationship is reached a point, where they cannot be in the same room. Without falling asleep...
The Babylon Gardens.JPG
The Babylon Gardens
Egypt / Drama / 12 mins

Director: Karim Moussa

Writer:Henry Winchester, Christine Kamal

Producer: Youssef Wally

Cast: Maged ElMekkawy, Tara Emad

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are a true jewel of the ancient Middle Eastern Sumerian history—but behind their beauty lurks a captivating power.
The Beacons of Gondor_edited.jpg
The Beacons of Gondor
Canada / Fantasy / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Scott Paterson

Producer: Raymond Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid

Cast: Raymond Ablack, Dalmar Abuzeid

Middle Earth is under siege, the Beacons of Gondor must be lit!
The Deed.JPG
The Deed
USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Raeshib Aggerwhil

Writer: Seirah Royin

Cast: Seirah Royin

Our story celebrates the myriad experiences within the Asian Pacific community by focusing on an Indian American woman who is thrust into the unknown world of Appalachian country. An orphan and an outsider all her life, she inherits a tract of land in the middle of the rural South by an aunt she never knew existed.
The Morning After.JPG
The Morning After
UK / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Magnus Lyche

Producer: Yevgeniya Filchenkova

Cast: Abbie Steele, Scarlett Rayner

A young teenager, hiding from her overbearing mother, must journey to the local pharmacy to buy a morning after pill. When her mother finds out, they must let bygones be bygones and overcome their differences.