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Where Can I Run.jpg
Where Can I Run?
Canada | Musical | 26 min

Director/Writer: George Turnbull

Producer: Deborah Turnbull

Cast: Taylor Evans, Adrian Marchuk, Brenda Darling

Ten years after the mysterious death of her mother, Mary must confront the ghosts from her past.
Seven Minutes in Heaven.jpg
Seven Minutes in Heaven
Canada | Drama | 10 min

Director/Writer: King Dawit

Producer: King Dawit

Cast: Maia Della Penna, Nicolas Ballarini

At a high school grad party, popular Maria and under-confident Carl end up in the closet together during a game of seven minutes in heaven, and open up to each other, each realizing the other's need for validation.
Cartography of a Woman.jpg
Cartography of a Woman
Canada | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Andressa Back

Producer: Martín Restrepo, Raine Lundy

Cast: Clarice Espíndola, Victor Fontoura, Daniel Christian Jones

A woman must invent her boundaries to find a place where she is not a territory to be conquered.
Canada | Drama | 12 min

Director: Aidan Lesser

Writer: Aidan Lesser, James Salmon

Producer: Robert Burns

Cast: Joan Gregson, Suzanne Pratley

A desperate woman who can no longer support her elderly mother with dementia takes her for one last drive.
It's About Time.jpg
It's About Time
Canada | Comedy | 16 min

Director: Adam Pedersen

Writer: Adam Pedersen, Ryan Visser

Producer: Adam Pedersen, Rose Lu

Cast: Paul Rivers, Delphine Roussel, Beth Hornby

On the worst day of his life, a grieving call centre employee acts irrationally in the face of life or death.
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