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When Worlds Collide.jpg
When Worlds Collide
Canada | Documentary | 7 min

Director/Writer: Patricia Seaton

Producer: Patricia Seaton

Each year during spring and fall migration over 1.3 Billion birds die in North America as a result of window collisions. Together, a network of dedicated volunteers head out each morning to pick up the pieces.
The Joshua Paiting.JPG
The Joshua Painting
Canada | Drama | 5 min

Director/Writer: Matthew Lupis

Producer: Matthew Lupis

Cast: Adam Lupis

As he peruses an art gallery, a young man reacts strongly to the painting infront of him.
Canada | Horror | 10 min

Director: Mohamed-ali Ammar

Writer: Mohamed-ali Ammar, Daniel Ammar

Producer: Mohamed-ali Ammar, Duncan Mair

Cast: Nezar El Rayes, Yvonne El Souri, Fatma Naguib

When Malek and his mother, Salma, head to his aunt’s house to help her unpack after moving abroad, Malek comes across an old demonic scripture, which after reading, unleashes an unexpected visitor.
Mr. March.jpg
Mr. March
Canada | Drama | 13 min

Director/Writer: Nick Pusic

Producer: Nick Pusic

Cast: Matt Fowler, Steve Kasan

A man hires a world famous organization to assassinate his adulteress wife legally, and goes through an extensive assessment by one of the Calendar Men.
The Second Hand.jpg
The Second Hand
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Tristan Hamburgh

Producer: Tristan Hamburgh, Danny McArthur

Cast: Kudakwashe Rutendo, Zoë Katz, Danny McArthur

A scorned young woman gains access to a dark power that could wreak horrible revenge against her unfaithful lover. Though first she must use his own games, to lure him into her wicked trap.
Clockwork Seamstress.jpg
Clockwork Seamstress
Canada | Horror | 6 min

Director/Writer: Nick Dragas

Producer: Denise Bodan

Cast: Becca Willow Moss, Imani James

An aspiring dressmaker works tirelessly against the clock to finish a piece for an upcoming fashion week competition but can’t escape the horrors of constant social media distractions.
Part of our Heritage.JPG
Part of Our Heritage
Canada | Comedy | 4 min

Director/Writer: Josh Winker

Cast: Scott Murray, Maarika Pinkney

On a hot summer day in 1994, a talented songwriter puts the finishing touch on what would become an iconic Canadian composition.
Canada | Drama | 13 min

Director/Writer: Dixon John

Producer: Dixon John

Cast: Dixon John, Ciara Wood, Nebeyu Abay

A young man confronts a difficult decision that could change his life for better, or worse.
Canada | Mystery | 7 min

Director/Writer: Keefe Jassoy

Producer: Keefe Jassoy

Cast: Rina Muramatsu, Raymond Duenas, Kiyo Asaoka

A story about the Canadian identity and the histories of one particular woman as she learns about her grandmothers past through the living memory of music and dance.
Lady of the Night_edited.jpg
Lady of the Night
Canada | Drama | 10 min

Director: Daniel Calderone

Writer: Daniel Calderone, Abiel Micheal

Producer: Daniel Calderone

Cast: Abiel Micheal, Imaan Haider

A broke young man desperate to help his abused girlfriend escape her dishonourable past seeks retribution on those he deems more privileged.
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