Program 11

The Night Tram.jpg
The Night Tram
Czech Republic / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Jason Wen

Producer: Lorena Huiyi Luo

Cast: Simona Prasková, Marek Dobeš

Late at night, a middle aged wife and husband travel home by tram. As her husband dozes restlessly, the wife observes the other passengers. A young, well-dressed couple board the tram. For the wife, the couple's presence ignites memories of young love, triggering a confrontation between her and her husband.
The Perfect Game.jpg
The Perfect Game
Canada / Comedy / 23 mins

Director: David Cartwright

Writer: David Cartwright, Ryan Watson

Producer: Ryan Watson

Cast: Paul Rivers

Canadian five pin bowling champion Jim Noggins strives to score a perfect game while trying to raise his daughter who he struggles to relate to.
the pool.JPG
The Pool
USA / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Anna Hozian

Producer: Kim Turner, Brian Zahm

Cast: Suzanne, Garrett Palm

After her husband’s leaving, Anita Mills picks up and starts anew in an affluent suburb, where she desperately wants her son — and herself — to fit in. However, the members of the local pool have a different idea.
The Shadow.jpg
The Shadow
UAE / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Nayla Al Khaja

Producer: Robbie McAree

Cast: Sara Al Aqeeli, Mohannad Huthail

The story of a sick 9-year old boy in the grip of uncontrolled phenomena - and the desperate measures his mother takes behind closed doors to save his life.
The Siege of Castle Blabbermouth.jpg
The Siege of Castle Blabbermouth
Canada / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Sijy Varghese

Writer: Sijy Varghese, Kate Schultz

The forest dwellers face their biggest threat yet - a loud curse from the Castle of Blabbermouth!