Program 13

USA / Drama / 19 mins

Director/Writer: Erin Lane Harper

Producer: Adam Benn

Cast: Eric Gilde, Isabel Lysiak

Haze, “big-city” newspaperman, searches the High Plains for a “country-flavor” story for the Post. The urban/rural divide is palpable the moment he arrives. Is understanding possible between city slickers and this reclusive community?
what remains.JPG
What Remains
Canada / Animation / 3 mins

Director/Writer: Sianoosh Nasiriziba

Producer: Sianoosh Nasiriziba, Parinaz Shajareh

With its undertone of magical realism, 'What Remains' is about the basic vulnerabilities of being a human living in a world full of uncertainty. As we all move through life, as life moves through us all, the paradoxical effects of most of the decisions we make, can turn into a long-lasting mark on what remains.
Year of the Bookmaker.jpg
Year of the Bookmaker
USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Peter Monro

Producer: Peter Monro, Dan Falconer

Cast: Rob Winkworth, Copeland Diver

An illegal suburban bookmaker steers himself out of jail and back into a complicated home life.
You Dreamt You Were Happy.jpg
You Dreamt You Were Happy
Croatia / Drama / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Ivana Skrabalo

Producer: Tena Gojic, Vedran Suvar

Cast: Doroteja Nadrah, Leon Lucev

Blanka has money problems, so she flees from her apartment and goes about her routine – she goes to a humiliating casting, kisses a boy she doesn’t love and visits her estranged parents. She meets an older man who takes her to his luxurious home. Looking around, she notices a gun on a window sill.
Zhory's Cawfee Shop.jpg
Zhory's Cawfee Shop
USA / Animation / 7 mins

Director: Alyssa Vandegrift

Producer: Olivia Van Berkum

A 3D animated short following the journey of a bird named Zhory, who owns a struggling coffee shop in the rainforest. On a quest to find a rare ingredient that could save her shop, Zhory begins to question where her true passions lie. While traveling through new levels of the rainforest, Zhory faces new challenges and meets quirky characters that help her learn about herself.