Funny Animals Honey Bear.jpg
Funny Animals: Honey Bear
Canada | Animation | 12 min

Director/Writer: James Nadler

Producer: James Nadler

Cast: Scott McCord, Aidan Devine, Collette Micks

Devout church-goers Helmuth and Hanna Buxbaum marry and build a multimillion-dollar chain of nursing homes. But after six kids, Helmuth no longer finds his honey bear attractive. 
Little Bird.jpg
Little Bird
Canada | Drama | 17 min

Director/Writer: Tee Schneider

Producer: Joanna Swan, Nicole Sigoiun

Cast: Beatrice Schneider, Arlene Duncan, Jocelyne Zucco

When her mother’s depression spirals out of control, Fionna, a scrappy 7-year-old, lands in the foster care system again. A year later, her now beloved foster mom's health has taken a turn for the worse, and her caseworker’s arrival looms with the promise of yet another upheaval. 
Player Piano_edited.jpg
Player Piano
Canada | Horror | 14 min

Director: Edward Pond

Writer: Edward Pond, Robert Eaton

Producer: Oshiokhai Enega

Cast: Miguel Rivas, Kirsten Rasmussen, Paloma Nuñez

When a famous pianist demands the tuning of a barroom piano, a maverick tuner uses her weird power to teach him a terrifying lesson.
Two-Story House.JPG
Two-Story House
Canada | Thriller | 21 min

Director/Writer: Devin Lee

Producer: Denyvi Rose, Henry Wolf

Cast: James Gracia, Michael Kishon, Kenzie Wilkin

After witnessing the murder of her father, a college student is kidnapped by three men who must decide whether or not to kill her while she tries to escape.
Cheap Hugs.JPG
Les Câlins Cheaps (Cheap Hugs)
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director: Sarah Baskin

Writer: Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard, Bryan Fitzgerald

Producer: Bryan Fitzgerald, Valéry Lessard, Sarah Baskin

Cast: Miryam Magri, Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard

Two strangers, reeling from the loss of their mutual friend, find themselves in an unexpected moment of connection on the streets of Montreal.
Canada | Drama | 12 min

Director/Writer: Anna Hopkins

Producer: Anna Hopkins, Mariah Owen

Cast: Maya Misaljevic, Ben Carlson, Anna Hopkins

The film incorporates elements of autofiction and memoir about the filmmaker's late father, Canadian painter Tom Hopkins, and his body of work.