Animation Program

November 10 - 15, 2020

Lea's Secret

Philippines / Animation / 5mins

Director: Rico Gutierrez

Writer: Augie RIvera

Producer: Rico Gutierrez

Cast: Eugene Domingo, Alessandra de Rossi

When Lea and her father move in to their new condominium unit, she suddenly acquires the power to go through walls and closed doors. She doesn’t tell anyone about it— not even her mother who works as a nurse in London.

USA / Drama / 4mins

Director/Writer: Seora Hong

Losing all reason to live, a man stands on the precipice of life and death.
The Abandoned Block
Canada / Drama / 6mins

Director/Writer/Producer: James Bourne

A useless, damaged, forgotten block of marble after years of neglect, emerges as one of the greatest and most beautiful works of art.
The Butterfly Affect
Canada / Animation / 5mins

Director: Stephanie Blakey

Writer: Jen Davreux

Producer: Amanda Konkin

Cast: Kate Boutilier, Sophie Terry

Growing up, Jesse didn't think she was any different from her friends- until "The Change". This is a heartfelt story of insecurity, growth, and self-acceptance told through the eyes of a young worm trying to find her place in a butterfly's world.
The Ghastly Fowl
UK / Animation / 11mins

Director: Shruti Veeramachineni

Writer: Simon Welsh

Producer: Kate Pirouet

Conversations about planetary destruction, global pandemics and the extinction of so many species, are never easy to start. The fact is, we are all complicit, simply because we have been born into a time of consumerism, avarice and blind searching.
The Wireman
USA / Animation / 11mins

Director: Noah Brown

The Wireman spends his days feeding a strange hole in the ground, until he makes a startling discovery that changes his life.