Canada Program

November 10 -15, 2020

Not Your Average Bear
Canada / Comedy / 15 mins

Director: Cliff Skelton

Writer: Simon Longmore

Producer: Simon Longmore, Adam Lolacher

Cast: Simon Longmore, Mauri Momose

A daring robbery pulled off by the most unlikely of culprits. What an average man will do when pushed to his limits.
Canada / Drama / 5 mins

Director: Terence Mcglade,  Hayden Currie

Writer: Terence Mcglade

Producer: Sebastian Kennedy

Cast: Tom Ashworth, William Yong

Business man awaiting subway train is accosted by stranger and is almost thrown onto tracks. A small group of bystanders gather around the fight and thru their watching convey disapproval and the attacker suddenly stops and runs away. As the train pulls in the bystanders enter the train leaving the bereft and stunned man on the platform
Pride of Katanga
Uganda / Documentary / 14 mins

Director: SJ Finlay

The story of Hellen Balekeh, Uganda's first female boxer. She takes care of 17 children by day; by night, she plays the role of protector –– and sometimes, vigilante. Hellen is on a mission: to protect and save young girls who live in Katanga, the worst slum in Kampala, from the abuse that runs rampant there, abuse she has tragically experienced herself.
Safe House
Canada / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Quaison Nangle

Writer: Esther Rogers

Producer: Esther Rogers, Ada Tsang

Cast: Esther Rogers, Paul Chiusolo

A young couple is pushed to their breaking point while living in an isolated cabin during a viral pandemic.
Canada / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Fiona Highet

Producer: Alex Cabrera Aragon

Cast: Fiona Highet, David Fox

A career-focused woman in mid-life evaluates her work-related friendships and finds them unfulfilling. She chooses to give herself over to a cantankerous neighbour; choosing a “real” though difficult relationship over a “fun” but less authentic one and is surprised to discover she does not want what she had thought.
Tell Me A Story
Canada / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Ajay Rakhraj

Writer: Alexander Zonjic

Cast: Thomas Gough, Parham Rownaghi

A high school teacher shepherds his students through an average day of classes.
The Abandoned Block
Canada / Animation / 5 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: James Bourne

A useless, damaged, forgotten block of marble after years of neglect, emerges as one of the greatest and most beautiful works of art.
The Butterfly Affect
Canada / Animation / 5 mins

Director: Stephanie Blakey

Writer: Jen Davreux

Producer: Amanda Konkin

Cast: Kate Boutilier, Sophie Terry

Growing up, Jesse didn't think she was any different from her friends- until "The Change". This is a heartfelt story of insecurity, growth, and self-acceptance told through the eyes of a young worm trying to find her place in a butterfly's world.