International Program

November 10 - 15, 2020

A Better You
Ireland / Romance / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Eamonn Murphy

Producer: Quintin Ahern

Cast: Seán T. O'Meallaigh, Hannah Mamalis

Set in a dystopian Neo-Steampunk World, Douglas a shy introvert enlists the help of "A Better You" a customisable carbon clone to help him win the girl of his dreams.
A New Present
Netherlands / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Producer: Marieke Niestadt

Writer: Warren Duncan

Cast: Gijs Naber, Thekla Reuten

After a life-changing accident, a father's undying love drives him to achieve the impossible.
A Toy Story
USA / Documentary / 26 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Christopher Birk

Cast: Ann Marie Reinhart Smith

The story of one of the many workers laid off when Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in 2018.
USA / Drama / 25 mins

Director: Rami Kodeih

Writer: Nora Mariana Salim

Producer: Rachelle Owen, Joshua Owen

Cast: Alia Shawkat, Edin Gali

As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their friend's three-month-old baby to safety. Inspired by true events.
All Of Our Shadows
UK / Animation / 8 mins

Director: Mr Daniel Greaves, Ruth Beni

Writer/Producer: Ruth Beni

In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, the film follows a day in the life of a young teenage boy as he faces his fears and concerns. Can he confide in his school mates? Will they ignore him, mock him or help him?
Allan Ellen
Spain / Romance / 39 mins

Director/Writer: Juan Ros
Producer: Juan Ros, Raúl Cerezo
Cast: Karina Kolokolchykova, Maarten Dannenberg

Allan and Ellen are living a serious crisis in their life after many years together. Through their subconscious they will travel together to a desert, in which they will face their fears with the intention of recovering the love they have lost.
Alone Together
USA / Experimental Documentary / 6 mins

Director/Producer: JJ Sereday

It's easy to fear the unknown, but the miracle of humanity is its ability to come together in times of need.
Korea / Dark Comedy / 36 mins

Director/Writer: Martin J. Lee

Producer: Yongho Kim

Cast: Jung-hoon Ahn

The life of ChoongRyul. He is the son of a corrupt university professor who inherits from his father the traits of corruption and deceitfulness, who realizes his true evil nature and develops into a social beacon of evil. His life ultimately results in failure, as a result of the shortcomings of his moral character.
Ascending Grace
Ireland / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Claire Byrne

Writer: Karen Healy

Producer: Fiona Kinsella

Cast: Norma Sheahan, Karen Healy

First officer Maedhbh has high hopes for her first day of work, but when she fails to impress Captain Cara and with a cabin full off restless passengers waiting to take off, it's far from what she expected...