International Program

November 10 - 15, 2020

Bad Furniture
USA / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Randall Maxwell

Producer: Christina Lee

Cast: Keene McRae, Rhian Rees

A man insists on being furniture for his wife.
Italy / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Kristian Gianfreda
Writer: Kristian Gianfreda, Filippo Brambilla
Producer: Coffee Time Film Di Kristian Gianfreda
Cast: Agnese Claisse, Carlo Maria Rossi

This is the story of a young prostitute. At the beginning of our short film, she is in a desert suburb of a city. She is robbed and she was thrown out of the car. She is talking on her phone. The pimp are threatening her, he wants money, she must go to give him!
Kazakhstan / Drama / 21 mins

Director: Batyr

Writer: Yelena Shtern, Laura Sapa, Yelena Lıssassına 

Producer: Laura Sapa

Cast: Janel Sergazına, Kuandyk Kystykbaev

Dina’s son is seriously ill: he is running out of time. It is almost impossible to find such large sum of money in a short time for a lonely widow. Dina has to agree to the proposal of her boss, who offers to help Dina in exchange for sex. Only one night, but it will forever change Dina's life. She will save her son, but she will forever lose herself as a woman.
Blue Lanterns
USA / Drama / 29 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Brandon Chi-Wei Chen

Cast: Julian Chan, Lucas Hui

Kit and Fai, two innocent local Hong Kong kids, are approached by Chou, a mid-level gangster, in an arcade. Their curiosity toward Chou grows when he offers them cigarettes and his phone number. The next day, Kit is bullied after school, and Fai calls Chou out of desperation.
Cuore Italiano
Italy / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Viacheslav Zakharov
Writer: Giovanni Pelliccia
Producer: Gianluca Vania Pirazzoli, Mariateresa Sisinni
Cast: Simone Montedoro, Matteo Carlomagno


1916 - 1968 - 1970. Three years grafted on a promise that has to be kept. Tano, a soldier from southern Italy, meets Antonio, a soldier from northern Italy, in the foxhole of Bezzecca, in Trentino. It’s First World War time. During long waitings Tano uses to play barrel-organ. That one barrel-organ that only many years later, in 1968, will come back home in Basilicata taken there by Antonio’s niece.
Daughter of the Tide
France / Drama / 30 mins

Director/Writer: Julien Viala
Cast: Coline Béal, Eric Herson Macarel

Morgane is a young Breton oyster farmer. She's always been haunted by strange visions. A phenomenon which seems to be becoming more and more frequent since the mysterious disappearance of a child in the region...
Finland / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Max Ovaska

Producer: Max Ovaska, Maiju Pellikka

Cast: Eero Aho, Joel Hirvonen

Coming off a lengthy prison sentence, Kari finds himself a creature of habit. He is stuck collecting debts for living and pays his own in nightmares.
Australia / Dark Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Byron Keane

Writer: Oliver Burton

Producer: Oliver Burton, Ana Musson

Cast: Oliver Burton, Kate Cheel

Eden waits in a hospital for his Diagnosis - the news isn't good, he has 7 months to live. What will be die of? A car accident. Meanwhile, Jo is given medical news of a different nature, leaving them both with an impossible choice. Exploring themes of science, belief, isolation and certainty, 'Diagnosis' is a black comedy about life with a prophecy. We all know we'll die eventually- but how would you respond if you knew exactly when? And how.
Difficult Conversations
USA / Webisode / 20 mins

Director:/Producer: Shannon Phipps, Amy Motta, Caitlin Carleton

Writer: Shannon Phipps

Cast: Amy Motta, Caitlin Carleton

It's not the topic of conversation that makes things difficult for Alex, it's something entirely different. Though she's a fairly reasonable person, she must navigates unpredictable interactions with family, friends, and co-workers that push her to her limits.