International Program

November 10 - 15, 2020

USA / Webisode / 25 mins

Director/Writer: Suzan Mikiel

Writer: Allison Youngberg

Producer: Allison Youngberg, Suzan Mikiel

Cast: Allison Youngberg, Suzan Mikiel

Ex-Sisters-In-Law hilariously confronts the meaning of family, friendship and economic disparity - this pathos-filled story follows the reunion of the sheltered Millicent, who wants nothing more than to have her sister-in-law back and Deniz, the pragmatic woman who divorced Millicent's brother twenty years ago!
False Teeth
Korea / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Lee Goni, Mun Bong Seob
Writer: Lee Goni
Producer: Lee Goni, Kwon Myung Hwan
Cast: Chung, Hye-kyung, Kim Min Jun

Han Young Soon, an old woman, loses her false teeth, Her grandson has taken them. She is going to take profile pictures at a picture studio. Her grandson runs to return her teeth to her before she arrives at the photo studio.
Fish Head
Australia / Drama / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Grace Tan

Producer: Bryce Lintern, Grace Tan

Cast: Inez Currò, Eliza Learmonth

An alienated teen on the cusp of womanhood must find solace in an alternate coming of age, where lines of gender dissolve by the surrounds of the sea.
Flush Lou
USA / Comedy / 9 mins

Director/Writer : Madison Stewart Leonard

Producer: Madison Stewart Leonard, Harrison Holland-McGowan

Cast: Joyce Sindel, Kim Leonard

A daughter, mother and grandmother mourn the loss of their beloved, Lou Ackerly after he is accidentally cremated.
G a b r i e l
Spain / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Pierfrancesco Artini

Writer: Pierfrancesco Artini, Claudio Masenza

Producer: Claudio Masenza, Luis Morenes

Cast: Isabel Ordaz, Antonio Ibañez

Agatha is struck by her husband's death. She feels old and lonely, but brief encounters with her neighbour Gabriel re-awakens her desires. Then, the arrival of a special guest changes everything
Hello From Taiwan
USA / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Tiffany Frances

Producer: Marina Viscun, Guo Guo Jiayi, Wenjie Kong

Cast: Brandilyn Cheah, Janet Hsieh

After a year of separation, a young Taiwanese American girl and her mom struggle to reconnect with her dad and two older sisters across familial and cultural divides.
USA / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Keene McRae

Writer: Brandon Bernath, Keene McRae

Producer: Brandon Bernath

Cast: Brandon Bernath, Keene McRae

On December 15th, 1966, the day Walt Disney died, three destitute brothers with dreams of country music stardom decide to rob the man they blame for the death of their parents and the loss of their childhood home.