International Program

November 10 - 15, 2020

I Am Dust
USA / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Patrick Moreau

Producer: Kelly Asselin, Patrick Moreau

Cast: Caitlin Miranda, Riley Moreau

Kelly liked to say that living with bipolar affective disorder is baaaaad, like a mountain goat. And it’s isolating. And scary. And no one talks about it.
If We Smarten Up
Romania / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Larisa Faber

Writer: Eli Jude

Producer: Irina Malcea

Cast: Coca Bloos, Oana Stefanescu

After the sale of the family flat, live-in maid Maria finds herself homeless and stranded. Making the most of a desperate situation, she decides to declare the broom cupboard, located on the same floor as her former flat, her new home. Her neighbours however are everything but pleased by this solution.
In Hope Of Nothing
UK / Drama / 22 mins

Director: Peter Hamblin

Writer: Mike Falkow

Producer: Frankie Fogg

Cast: Celyn Jones, Cokey Falkow, Mike Falkow

A passionate group of film-makers, tell the comedic tale of two brothers negotiating the trials and tribulations of producing a Hollywood film. Creatively opposed, the brothers Wilson navigate the all too real complexities of the industry, while dealing with their own personal loss. Nothing is as it seems, as we lift the veil between the dream and reality.
Jimmy's Tale
USA / Dark Comedy  / 36 mins

Director/Writer: Daniel Hart Donoghue

Producer: Luke Bishop

Cast: Gabriel Fonseca

A thief in the throes of an existential crisis turns a hostage interrogation into a violent, philosophical story-telling competition. Set in an abandoned theatre and based on a first-time screenwriter’s original stage play, the film is a dark comedy for the post-truth era.
Lea's Secret
Philippines / Animation / 5 mins

Director: Rico Gutierrez

Writer: Augie RIvera

Producer: Rico Gutierrez

Cast: Eugene Domingo, Alessandra de Rossi

When Lea and her father move in to their new condominium unit, she suddenly acquires the power to go through walls and closed doors. She doesn’t tell anyone about it— not even her mother who works as a nurse in London.
Like Nothing Happened
USA / Drama / 13mins

Director: Catherine Black

Writer: Katina Nikou, Daniel Tuttel

Producer: Pilar Holland, Katina Nikou

Cast: Pilar Holland, Jeremy Andorfer-Lopez

A loving couple hopes to start a family but struggles to keep their marriage alive after a miscarriage leaves them isolated and alone.
Little May
USA / Drama / 30mins

Director/Writer: Danielle Bisutti

Writer: Jonathan Bangle

Producer: Danielle Bisutti,

Cast: Jon Bangle, Echo Nicholson 

After losing custody of his daughter in a tumultuous divorce a self-destructive artist finds inspiration by mentoring his new neighbor a 6-year-old latch-key kid named Little May whom he discovers is a gifted painter. But when he becomes romantically involved with May's married mother, he's forced to finally wake up and change the direction of his life so he can become the man he was meant to be.
Little Rink
USA / Documentary / 15mins

Director: Lisa Melmed

Producer: David Broad

In the sphere of revered sporting events, there's the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the World Series. And then there's the TJ Rugg Table Hockey Tournament. Eighteen of North America’s most elite players have traveled across the continent to Carragher's Bar in NYC to be named the champion of the little rink.