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Celebrating 12 years the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival is the largest short film festival in Canada. 

Toronto Shorts has screened more short films than any other film festival in Canada.

Toronto Shorts is a non-profit organization that provides a showcase for the best short films and their creators from around the world, annually in the heart of Toronto.


We feel that short-form cinema and its creators should have their own premier film festival in Toronto deserving similar recognition given to the feature film and its creators. The heart of the festival will be our quality and scope of extraordinary film programming.

In the past ten years, the festival has become a career stepping stone, establishing a tradition of discovering and promoting filmmakers who have gone on to be Academy Awards Nominees, including :

2021 Oscar Nominee 'The Present' by Farah Nabulsi
2019 Oscar Nominee ‘Weekends’ by Trevor Jimenez
2018 Oscar Nominees 'Watu Wote - All of Us' (Germany) and 'The Eleven O'Clock' (Australia)

Toronto stands as the largest media market in Canada, it boasts the world-renowned Royal Ontario Museum, the massive Art Gallery of Ontario, the Soulpepper Theatre Company, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and now a premiere international short film festival.


In order to showcase the best short films and their filmmakers from around the world, we created the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival where films from a wide spectrum intersect, animation, documentaries, comedies, narrative, genre, and graduation short films from some of the finest film schools.

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