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Best of Fest

First Night  (Denmark) Director Darshika Karunahara

Best International

A.R.P.U.  (United Kingdom) Director Phil Spencer

Best Drama

The Perfect Game (Canada) Director David Cartwright

Best Comedy

Silent Treatment  (Canada) Director JD Smith

Best Animation

 FreeBird  (Canada) Director Michael Joseph McDonald, Joe Bluhm

Best Documentary

They Call Me Dax (Canada) Director Patrick Alcedo

Best Experimental

Shadows of the World (Greece) Director Marios P. Papageorgiou

Best Sci-Fi

Moore's Void (Canada) Director Brad Bangsboll

Best Horror

Storage Room B (Canada) Director Scott Dion Brown

Best of Canada

Color Me Jane (Canada) Director Mary Darling


Best of Fest

Naap (India) Director Harshit Acharya

Best International Film

Snitch (Croatia) Director Rino Barbir

Best Drama

In Hope Of Nothing (United Kingdom) Director: Peter Hamblin

Best Comedy

A Better You (Ireland) Director Eamonn Murphy

Best Animation

 The Ghastly Fowl (United Kingdom) Director Shruti Veeramachineni

Best Documentary

Pride of Katanga (Uganda) Director SJ Finlay

Best Experimental

The Wireman (USA) Director Noah Brown

Best Web Series

Difficult Conversations (USA) Director Shannon Phipps


Best of Fest

Men of Vision

Comedy / USA / 19 min 

Director: Frank Todaro

Producers: Robert Fernandez, Dan Levinson

Best Foreign Film

Borrowed Time

Drama / France / 15 min 

Director: Raphaël Treiner

Producers: Lucie Moreau 

Trapped Birds

Drama / China / 21 min 

Director: River Deng, Shine Wong

Producers: Shine Wong

Best Drama

Only in Dreams

Drama / USA / 16 min

Director: Travis Mauck

Producers: Christopher Todd, Chris Jay

Best Comedy


Comedy / Australia / 15 min

Director: Kosta Nikas

Producer: Kosta Nikas

Best Animation

Deady Freddy

Animation / Canada  / 10 min

Director: Alicia Eisen

Producers: Alicia Eisen, Sara Blake

Best Documentary


Documentary / Canada / 6 min

Directors: Ken Galloway, Rouzbeh Heydari

Producers: Dani Ng-See-Quan, Ken Galloway 

Best Experimental

New York Rhapsody

Experimental / USA / 14 min

Director: Salvatore D'Alia

Producers: Paul Del Gesso, Irwin Suba


Best Music Video

Johnny Nocash: Southbound

Music Video / Canada / 4 min

Director: Daniel Clements

Producers: Daniel Clements, Johnny Nocash & the Celtic Outlaws

Short Film Challenge Winner

Date Night

Drama / Canada / 6 min 

Director: Arlen Aguayo Stewart

Writer: Margarita Valderrama

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