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Career Day.jpg
Career Day
United States | Comedy | 10 min

Director: Jason Robinson, Chris Hooper

Writer: Jason Robinson

Producer: Jason Robinson, Chris Hooper

Cast: Paul Bartholomew

A once promising 90's pop star and his boy band reunite for his daughter's elementary school Career Day and go viral.
Australia | Drama | 13 min

Director/Writer: Bonnie Sveen

Producer: Bonnie Sveen

Cast: Bonnie Sveen, Willow Rose Farmer

Riley has a screen addiction... until a strange babysitter (Kat) appears, pushing Riley to face her compulsions. In a warped and chaotic evening, Kat wants to show Riley that beyond her fears, she holds the power of the universe.
A Mole In Time.jpg
A Mole In Time
United Kingdom | Animated | 24 min

Director: Leon Joosen

Writer: Leon Joosen, Tony Nottage

Producer: Tony Nottage

Cast: Warwick Davis, Jessica Henwick, Stanley Tucci

It’s the anniversary of Moley becoming the keeper of Manny, and Dotty, with a little help from her Uncle Mishmosh, goes back in time to see what she had missed before she came to MoleTown. 
Dragon Fruit.jpg
Dragon Fruit
Canada | Drama | 27 min

Director/Writer: J.Brown

Producer: Jen Araki, Yvonne Chapman, Henry Hayhurst-France

Cast: Yvonne Chapman, Azriel Dalman, Nicole Munoz

In a violent, dystopian future, a single mother attempts to grow a dragon fruit sprout so she can one day sell it for cash.
Canada | Drama | 12 min

Director/Writer: Dakota Daulby

Producer: Harrison Houde

Cast: Harrison Houde, Yssa Mei Panganiban

In a world where vampires coexist with society, "Vance" is a captivating love story that follows an ordinary vampire's transformative journey when he encounters a spirited human, sparking a profound exploration of life's true meaning.
Turkey | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Merve Gezen

Producer: Defne Gezen

Cast: Adem Çeliktop, Cafer Varli, Baran Karadeli

An ordinary day in the life of 9 years old Adem who helps support his family by collecting from the garbage papers and plastics to sell.
United States | Animation | 5 min

Director: Kenzie Sutton

Strange birthday gifts hinder a woman’s ability to be present in her life
Egypt | Fantasy | 15 min

Director: Dibo Dibo

Writer: Dibo, Marawan Tarek Hafez. Sara Gaafar

Producer: Yara Mazen, Hatem Tag

Cast: Ola Roushdy, Omar El Kerm, Shahd El Shater

Amaal, in Arabic, means hopes. At a time far off in the future, in order for anyone to have a dream or a hope achieved, they have to go and apply at the Holding Company for Dreams Fulfillment. While this company was started in good faith and to support people to reach their goals, things have taken a different turn.
Belgium | Animation | 15 min

Director: Cedric Igodt, David Van de Weyer

Writer: Brigitte Minne

Producer: Cedric Igodt, Lachezar Velinov

Cast: Pixie De Winter, Maja Van Honsté, Kato Haes

Rosemary, a young fairy, leads a boring life at the fairytale castle. She’d rather be a witch so she can scream, fly on brooms and get really messy. Unfortunately her mother strongly disagrees, so Rosemary decides to run off to the mysterious witch forest.
United States | Drama | 7 min

Director: Karl Stelter

Writer: Hussain Pirani

Producer: Karl Stelter

Cast: Jessica Morris, Matthew Pohlkamp, Chase Mullins

When a mother’s AI-generated memories clash with reality, she must confront her past for the sake of her future
rainy season.jpg
Rainy Season
Canada | Horror | 13 min

Director: Jason Wan Lim, R. Trevor Griffiths

Writer: James Dashner

Producer: Jason Wan Lim, R. Trevor Griffiths, Amy Griffiths

A young couple on vacation rent a house in a small town only to receive repeated warnings from locals to leave before rainy season begins. When the couple ignores the vague warnings, they find out the precipitation has nothing to do with the weather.
Every Two Weeks.jpg
Every Two Weeks
Egypt | Drama | 19 min

Director/Writer: Aya Elhussieny

Producer: Rania Zahra, Hadi Gafaar

Cast: Toqaa Emad

As she prepares for a date with a man she met on a dating app, Gamila, who doesn’t always find herself beautiful, is confronted with her society’s indirect policing of her looks.
The Pencil_edited.jpg
The Pencil
Kazakhstan | Horror | 10 min

Director: Thomas Calvin Schultz

Writer: Thomas Calvin Schultz, Madina Baimakhanova

Producer: Thomas Calvin Schultz, Madina Baimakhanova

Cast: Mika Saruar, Erasyl Abdrazakov, Asya Baimakhanova

Sara, a struggling artist who discovers a unique pencil that can solve all her problems. But her dreams turn into a nightmare when a malevolent demonic creature from Kazakh legends gets unleashed.
Secrets Are For Best Friends Only.jpg
Secrets Are For Best Friends Only
Sweden | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Jonas Moberg

Producer: Jonas Moberg, Lars Erlandh

Cast: Ester Bertilsson, Hans Christian Thulin

Eleven-year-old Elsa would also like to start riding so that she could spend more time with her best friend Hedvig in the stable, but instead Elsa often is home alone as her father quite often has to works late evenings.
United States | Animation | 9 min

Director/Writer: Linda Wingerter

Producer: Linda Wingerter, Alex Griffin, Jessica Simon

A quiet bus ride home from the city library turns into an aural nightmare for a book-reading commuter. With every stop the bus fills with people and sounds, becoming a chaotic cacophony joyful to everyone but her.
Looking Forward.jpg
Looking Forward
United States | Documentary | 13 min

Director/Writer: Steven Ascher

Producer: Steven Ascher, Jeanne Jordan

Cast: Steven Ascher

LOOKING FORWARD, by Oscar-nominee Steven Ascher explores through AI imagery the experience of living in a dangerous world. It asks, Does how you feel about the future change how your life unfolds?
United States | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Le Chau

Producer: Le Chau

Cast: Seth Allyn Austin, Ropbert Fleet, Diem Truong

In 1972, during a fight in the Vietnam War, Captain Hunter is badly wounded and found by a Viet Cong medic, Lan. The act of kindness from Lan saves Hunter, but it causes a great price. Hunter lives but drowns himself in grief and pain. The story shifts when his battle buddy's ghost visits him.
A Close Encounter.jpg
A Close Encounter
United States | Comedy | 15 min

Director: Adam Linkenhelt

Writer: Douglas Olsson

Producer: Douglas Olsson

Cast: Douglas Olsson, Rachel Alig, Rebecca Ritz

A serendipitous meeting between Thomas and Ashley on an almost empty flight leads to revelations they were never expecting.
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