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Beware of charlatan film festivals 



A film festival using the title ‘Toronto Short Film is blatantly infringing on our trademark and intentionally misleading filmmakers entering the film festival circuit. 


Our festival premiered in 2013 and shortly after filed a trademark application on 10th, December 2014 with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office and have sent several cease and desist letters to Toronto Short Film Festival festival director Steve Veale before their first festival was held in 2015.


Unfortunately Toronto Short Film Festival has not responded with any intention of working out a solution. 


We have respectfully ask FilmFreeway not to accept submissions on behalf of Toronto Short Film Festival until they cease and desist using this infringing phrase or any similar variant which is creating confusion among filmmakers within the film festival circuit. 


Toronto Short Film Festival


Festival director Steve Veale  


Same organizer behind Toronto Independent Film Festival 

FilmFreeway Listing 

Festival director Steve Veale  

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