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Best of the Fest

Missing Person by David Cartwright


Best International

Little Bear by Nicolas Birkenstock


Best Drama

Les Câlins Cheaps (Cheap Hugs) by Sarah Baskin


Best Comedy

Funny Animals: Honey Bear by James Nadler


Best Animation

Hardboiled by Peter Sluszka


Best Documentary

The Sunny Side by Samuel Kilpatrick


Best Experimental

Idol by Kris Fleerackers

Best Sci-Fi

Monster Mayhem by Paul Constantakis


Best Horror

In The Shadow Of God by Brian Sepanzyk


Best Music Video

Dead Dreams Falling by Craig Murray


Best of Toronto

Underpaint by Anna Hopkins

$1,000 Cash Prize

Best Actor

Daniel Christian Jones - Missing Person


Best Actress

Pamela Jayne Morgan  - The Principal's Assembly


Toronto Shorts International Film Festival has screened more short films than any film festival in Canada. 

We amplify under-represented cinematic voices celebrating diverse stories from around the globe. 

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