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Canada | Drama | 18 min

Director: Amrita Anand

Writer: Amrita Anand, Anna Marie Palalon, Rimshah Kamran

Producer: Amrita Anand, Anna Marie Palalon, Rimshah Kamran

Cast: Yuvette Ruchelle, Angeline Joven, Keeran Sivanesan

Anchal and Roselyn navigate through their childhood memories and meet problematic individuals during a group therapy session. How they choose to confront their past leads them on conflicting paths.
Under The Weather.jpg
Under The Weather
Canada | Animation | 3 min

Director: Saul Benavides

After a series of misfortunes, a relentless personal rain cloud begins terrorizing a weather forecaster. He becomes increasingly irritable and infuriated the more it impedes his day-to-day life.
Limbo's Cocktail Lounge.jpg
Limbo's Cocktail Lounge
Canada | Drama | 8 min

Director/Writer: Wes Adams

Producer: James Sokoloski

Cast: Wes Adams, Elliot Janneta

When a man finds himself stuck in a bar called "Limbo's", he has the choice to atone for his wrongdoings or face damnation in the afterlife.
One Bag.jpg
One Bag
Canada | Drama | 24 min

Director/Writer: Jaiden Reese, Arsham Shafie

Producer: Jaiden Reese

Cast: Kosta Athansellis, Atena Esrafili, Nagisa Okana

A touching look into the life of an aspiring fighter before and after a near fatal debilitating accident.
Close Call - Dupin.jpg
Close Call - Dupin
Canada | Drama | 9 min

Director/Writer: Ricardo Pereira

Producer: Hanson Luo

Cast: Steven Dimitropoulos, Gerardo Willars, Hanson Luo

Short of a web series named Dupin that features crime and adventure through detectives
Walter's Room.jpg
Walter's Room
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Austin Lindsay

Cast: Ron Vanderzwaag

A movie about a dying old man, and his son that forgot about him
Apple Pie
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director: Linda Wong

Writer: Linda XiaoLing Wong

Producer: Reeth Mazumder Roberts

Cast: Idalina Leandro, Sunmin Oh

A adopted and rebellious adolescence found bond in her adoptive family.
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