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Canada | Drama | 3 min

Director: Mymona Khan

Cast: Sara Sian

A burglar tries to steal a shopping cart with great might
Canada | Drama | 3 min

Director: Sean Williams

Writer: Darius Rathe

Producer: Isaac Rathe

Cast: Katelyn Doyle

A dispute is settled over Popcorn.
Canada | Animation | 2 min

Director/Writer: Dennis Tae Wook Kim

Producer: Dennis Tae Wook Kim

An experimental animated short following a lone traveler as he ventures through a vast landscape inspired by the spatial solitude of Iceland. Along the way he finds large monuments that pay tribute to a personal body of sculptures and paintings from the artist's past.
Canada | Romance | 7 min

Director/Writer: Zach Closs

Producer: Joe Craib

Cast: Rosalie Tremblay, Enho Kuo

The story of a young couple linked by trauma and cryptic tattoos, across summer, fall, and winter.
Heaven and Earth; A Ritual_edited.jpg
Heaven and Earth; A Ritual
Canada | Fable | 12 min

Director/Writer: Bruno Verdoni

Producer: Marianne Sawchuk, Bruno Verdoni

Cast: Bruno Verdoni, Marianne Sawchuk, Sera-Lys McArthur

This fable is set in the harsh 1880's. When an Indigenous woman runs away from an abusive man to protect her newborn, she crosses paths with a hermit who plays out a nihilistic ritual. After a horrible tragedy, he gave up on life and retreated to the woods. An important participant throughout is a beautiful horse, a painted pinto who just may bring a different color to the Western genre.
Canada | Comedy | 17 min

Director/Writer: Eli Speigel

Producer: Zack Khan, Daniel Feldman-Green, Joshua Rosen

Cast: Jack Hirschfield, Veronika Slowikowska, Abbas Wahab

A disgruntled film production assistant seeks advice from a young, eccentric producer with sadistic tendencies.
ADHD - Säye Skye
Canada | Experimental | 5 min

Director: Sina Dolati

Producer: Säye Skye

Cast: Säye Skye, Golsa Shafa

A Persian music video that celebrates Attention Hyperactivity Disorder as a superpower through a lens of comedy and science fiction.
Canada | Drama | 16 min

Director: Sydney Posliff

Writer: John Robert Marshall

Producer: John Robert Marshall

Cast: Larissa Siqueira, Jason Pennell, Kody Poisson

A scientist grapples with her sanity as she tries to take down a large oil company.
Time Runner 2048.jpg
Time Runner 2048
Canada | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Beny Pirzadeh

Producer: Beny Pirzadeh, Alex Likernyy

Cast: Beny Pirzadeh, Alex Likernyy, Howard Hamilton

Beny is a resistance fighter from the year 2048 who is working to dismantle The Corp. Driven to the point of desperation, he strike's a deal with Void (a lethal cybernetically enhanced criminal). 
Love You, Goodbye.JPG
Love You, Goodbye
Canada | Drama | 11 min

Director/Writer: Nick Laws

Producer: Carey Stein

Cast: Daryl Marks

After the loss of his wife, a man attempts to reconnect with his son and himself.
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