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Canada | Drama | 18 min

Director: Amrita Anand

Writer: Amrita Anand, Anna Marie Palalon, Rimshah Kamran

Producer: Amrita Anand, Anna Marie Palalon, Rimshah Kamran

Cast: Yuvette Ruchelle, Angeline Joven, Keeran Sivanesan

Anchal and Roselyn navigate through their childhood memories and meet problematic individuals during a group therapy session. How they choose to confront their past leads them on conflicting paths.
Under The Weather.jpg
Under The Weather
Canada | Animation | 3 min

Director: Saul Benavides

After a series of misfortunes, a relentless personal rain cloud begins terrorizing a weather forecaster. He becomes increasingly irritable and infuriated the more it impedes his day-to-day life.
Limbo's Cocktail Lounge.jpg
Limbo's Cocktail Lounge
Canada | Drama | 8 min

Director/Writer: Wes Adams

Producer: James Sokoloski

Cast: Wes Adams, Elliot Janneta

When a man finds himself stuck in a bar called "Limbo's", he has the choice to atone for his wrongdoings or face damnation in the afterlife.
One Bag.jpg
One Bag
Canada | Drama | 24 min

Director/Writer: Jaiden Reese, Arsham Shafie

Producer: Jaiden Reese

Cast: Kosta Athansellis, Atena Esrafili, Nagisa Okana

A touching look into the life of an aspiring fighter before and after a near fatal debilitating accident.
Close Call - Dupin.jpg
Close Call - Dupin
Canada | Drama | 9 min

Director/Writer: Ricardo Pereira

Producer: Hanson Luo

Cast: Steven Dimitropoulos, Gerardo Willars, Hanson Luo

Short of a web series named Dupin that features crime and adventure through detectives
Walter's Room.jpg
Walter's Room
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Austin Lindsay

Cast: Ron Vanderzwaag

A movie about a dying old man, and his son that forgot about him
Apple Pie
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director: Linda Wong

Writer: Linda XiaoLing Wong

Producer: Reeth Mazumder Roberts

Cast: Idalina Leandro, Sunmin Oh

A adopted and rebellious adolescence found bond in her adoptive family.


Tickets purchase in advance can be picked up 30 minutes prior to the start of the film program at the festival box office/check-in located inside the Innis Town Hall Theatre lobby.

Show your PayPal confirmation receipt on your mobile phone with photo ID matching the name used on the purchase, when you pick up your tickets at the festival.


Your advance purchased tickets will NOT be mailed to you.

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