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Mudder's Hands.jpg
Mudder's Hands
Canada | Documentary | 15 min

Director/Writer: Clint Butler

Producer: Clint Butler, Karen Shopsowitz

Cast: Rosalind O'Driscoll

A dash of youth, a pinch of age, and an unrecorded recipe: Mudder's Hands is a charming documentary short centered around the tradition of baking Newfoundland raisin bread.
The Sunny Side.JPG
The Sunny Side
Canada | Documentary | 13 min

Director: Samuel Kilpatrick

Producer: Ben Comeau

Cast: Alfred Engerer

Alfred Engerer, a Toronto native and legendary glass-blower, lives a slow, nostalgia-filled world and invites the audience to reminisce through his musings. Beginning in the late 1970s, Alfred began blowing neon tubes and creating guerrilla art installations under the group, Skunkworks Outlaw Neon.
The Daytimers.JPG
The Daytimers
Canada | Documentary | 35 min

Director: Ted Husband

Producer: Dr. Anne Green, Kaela Morden

Cast: Judith Parsons, Donald Fitzgerald, (Dr.) Morris Moscovitch

Editor Judith Parsons suffered an inoperable subarachnoid brain hemorrhage while chairing a board meeting in 1985 at the age of 43. She stopped breathing twice in the ambulance on route to the hospital, was rushed to emergency surgery and thereafter fell into a deep coma. It was assumed by the attending physicians that Judith would either perish in coma or require institutional care. 
No Girls Allowed.JPG
No Girls Allowed!
Canada | Documentary | 16 min

Director: Courtney Deelen

Producer: Eric Metzloff

Cast: Angelica LeDrew-Bonvarlez, Seulange M. Houle, Stef Sanjati

An empowering documentary set out to inspire change by calling out toxic sexism in geek culture.
Everyone Needs An Amy.JPG
Everyone Needs An Army
Canada | Documentary | 14 min

Director: Biko Franklin

Producer: Deena Archibald, Neil W Leduke, Linda Leigh

Cast: Edward Pottle, Jake Tran, Patricia Skol

When the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, there was an immediate need to focus all efforts toward helping Canada’s most vulnerable population. Together with our staff, volunteers, donors, and partners, The Salvation Army quickly pivoted programs and services to ensure those in need had access to critical services.
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