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Retirement Home Daredevil.jpg
Retirement Home Daredevil
Canada | Comedy | 10 min

Director/Writer: Kaylin Schober

Producer: Marina Verones

Cast: Fred Keating, Greg Rogers, Jacqueline Robbins

Once the world's greatest tightrope walker, Charles is determined to complete one final stunt at his retirement home.
Canada | Comedy | 29 min

Director/Writer: Jocelyn Au-Yeung, Ariane Nopra

Producer: Anna Spencer

Cast: Jennifer Tan, Sandra San Chi Wong, Yi-Jun Chun

When a Chinese-Canadian college student returns home to Toronto, she visits a Hong Kong cafe she frequented during her childhood. Through eating the food, she is suddenly able to relive suppressed memories of her deceased grandmother. Now she must confront their multifaceted relationship and her own identity to find her peace.
Big Sister.jpg
Big Sister
Canada | Drama | 12 min

Director/Writer: Ryan Falconer

Cast: Diana Eremeeva, Pat Bianco

An overprotective sister finds her 15-year-old brother high on LSD.
In Between.jpg
In Between
Canada | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Christie Pawluch

Producer: Andy Huckle, Lisa Antonecchia

Cast: Lauren Howe, Jess Salgueiro, Ethan Mitchell, Anna Maiche

In Between tells the story of Blake, who lives a happy heteronormative life with her long time partner, Eric. After some vivid unexpected dreams, she gets a visit from a love from her past life, Adeline, who shows up to her home from across the world. If your past showed up on your doorstep… what would you do?
Canada | Drama | 7 min

Director/Writer: Abby Israels

Producer: Abby Israels, Sydney Facey, Theodore Mullings

Cast: Aili Tiwari, Rotem Fenichel, Jack Wallace

SANCTUARY unfolds the story of young Nadia and her family's pursuit to prepare her for an enigmatic appointment, much to her chagrin. Firmly entrenched in her own personal haven, a cozy tent filled with cherished toys and belongings, Nadia expresses her reluctance to partake in the impending appointment. 
Saved By The Bomb.jpg
Saved By The Bomb
Canada | Comedy | 18 min

Director/Writer: Ben Van de Mark

Producer: Krishna Sarvaiya

Cast: Matthew Putnam, Jessica Avsenik,  Jamie Sherman

Ted Townshend, a high school student, finds out his crush, a girl named Ariana, is going to fail her science exam. Desperate not to lose Ariana to the hells of Summer School, Ted decides to try and call in a fake bomb threat in order to delay the final exam from happening. But his plans get complicated when he angers local Pawnshop owner Elliot Baton, after buying an untraceable burner phone from him.
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