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Canada | Animation | 5 min

Director: Aidan Crosbie

A Cloud girl drops her favourite telescope from her sky-boat down into the hands of a curious farm boy. hilarity ensues.
The Big Iron.jpg
The Big Iron
Canada | Drama | 10 min

Director/Writer: Prudence Njeri Wangu

Producer: Prudence Njeri Wangu, Nicholas Van Der Spank

Cast: Derek Reneau, Casey Longpre, Rebecca Callender

Based on the true story of John Geaghon and his killer Joseph Druce. A detective comes into a small town seeking justice for the victimized boys,but upon arrival he is instructed by the District Attorney to release the Priest immediately. The detective's childhood trauma overwhelms his mind and he decides to make a bloody statement to the church.
Canada | Drama | 6 min

Director/Writer: Antony Gafarov

Producer: Antony Gafarov

Cast: Cristian Kawa, Jonah Lipson

After an emergency evacuation threatens to uproot what's left of a family, a son must convince his patriarchal grieving father to leave with him.
The Church of Tony Dufresne.jpg
The Church of Tony Dufresne
Canada | Drama | 19 min

Director/Writer: Patrick Hodgson

Producer: Heather Hodgson Kosoy

Cast: Matthew Gouveia, Michael Musi, Ali Johnson

A struggling paranoid schizophrenic goes off his medication to become a televangelist.
Age of Consent_edited.jpg
Age of Consent
Canada | Drama | 13 min

Director: Katherine Gauthier, Ben Sanders

Writer: Katherine Gauthier

Producer: Rosemary Doyle, Katherine Gauthier, Carla Marti

Cast: Margaret Lamarre, Maev Beaty, Peter Hinton-Davis

Héloise lives a vibrant, independent life in spite of her advanced age and her deteriorating memory. When a shocking intrusion shakes up her reality, her adult children are left with a conundrum: how can you trust someone who can't trust themselves? When the mind betrays you, how do you maintain agency over your own body?
To The Moon.jpg
To The Moon
Canada | Drama | 13 min

Director/Writer: Jaiden Reese

Producer:  Jaiden Reese

Cast: Madeleine Simard

Canada | Drama | 12 min

Director/Writer: Barrett Hooper

Producer:  Kate Devlin

Cast: Dave Rossetti, Ed Thomason, Rena Kossatz

Set over a single weekend, Remnants is an intimate drama about a son struggling to connect with his widowed father, and a cruel horror in which ageing, illness and dementia are haunting them both.
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