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Monster Mayhem.jpg
Monster Mayhem
Canada | Drama | 2 min

Director/Writer: Paul Constantakis

Producer: Kari Hollend

Cast: Matteo De Cola, Troy Crossfield, Rosey Tyler

Three remaining survivors of the zombie apocalypse find themselves on the brink of annihilation when the film's storyline is hijacked for a greater purpose.
I'll be with you in the dark.JPG
I'll Be With You In The Dark
Canada | Romance | 20 min

Director: Conor Forrest

Writer: Cankurt Perek

Producer: Eric Tomjenovic

Cast: Colleen Stock, Max Hoehn, Lee Lawson

Melanie, a willful caring woman goes to any length to a loved one. As the life of her ex Andrew is threatened due to a virus he has contaminated during a pandemic. Melanie has to decide if she is to take care of him his way or her way.
Canada | Drama | 11 min

Director: Duane Crichton

Writer: Kimberley Gillis

Producer: Richard Cureton, Luc Frappier, Duane Crichton

Cast: Talia Jodouin, Jamaica Fraser, Tiffany Babiak

A teenage girl sinks under the weight of her grief at the loss of her best friend. Coupled with her own self-doubt Kai makes decisions that could derail her one and only shot out of her dead-end town; a swimming scholarship.
So, This is Love.jpg
So, This is Love?
Canada | Drama | 9 min

Director/Writer: Tahnee Lee Curtis

Producer: Tahnee Lee Curtis

Cast: Morgan Taylor Campbell, Scott Lyster

A young woman takes mushrooms and has a introspective experience that provides some much needed clarity in her romantic relationship.
Greg's Apartment.jpg
Greg's Apartment
Canada | Experimental | 1 min

Director: Ren Wang

Greg has been enjoying the remote work so far, but now he faces a new challenge.
Night of the Cooters
USA | Sci-fi Animation | 34 min

Director: Vincent D'Onofrio

Writer: Joe Landsdale

Producer:  George RR Martin

Cast: Vincent D'Onofrio, Hopper Penn, Cristin McCleary, Martin Sensmeier

Follows the time when martians invaded Pachuco, Texas in the 1800's.
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