Program 3

Color Me Jane.JPG
Color Me Jane
Canada / Drama / 9 mins

Director: Mary Darling

Writer: Elisa McRae

Producer: Mary Darling

Cast: Elisa McRae, Penn Badgely

JANE, a spunky disfigured high school counsellor, finds a gaping hole of suck in her life after her bff, DANA, gets married and leaves on her honeymoon. Jane’s consolation: the honour of dog-sitting Dana’s hyperactive mutt, COLGATE. In return for Colgate’s colour-blind, unwavering love, she takes him to the dog park, even in the rainy autumn, which is where she meets TREVOR, a goofily charming drummer with a dog named DEVO.
Dearly Beloved_edited.jpg
Dearly Beloved
USA / Sci-Fi / 15 mins

Director: Edward Douglas

Writer: Ruthellen Cheney

Producer: Jesse R. Tendler, Edward Douglas

Cast: Ruthellen Cheney, Jesse R. Tendler

An eccentric photographer, an incompetent florist, a tactless and unreliable groom — as Ramsey’s perfect plans begin to go awry on the day of her wedding, her world seems to be coming apart... literally.
Demi's Panic.jpg
Demi's Panic
USA / Animation / 10 mins

Director: Bill Plympton

Writer: Danny Leonard

Producer: Danny Leonard, Lorena Hernandez Leonard

Cast: Madison Eberhardt, Bill Larson

Animated short film about Demi, a Latina in NYC whose nightmares foreshadow an unprecedented storm, transforming her city & her life. Inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Digital Tattoo_edited.jpg
Digital Tattoo
Japan / Drama / 22 mins

Director: Ik-Tong Ry

Writer/Producer: Ik-Tong Ry, Natsuyo Mikawa

Cast: Y Masako, Hamashaka

A story about a girl, who is about to lose her job offer because of her father's past social media posts. The film focuses on the risks of social media post, that will remain as digital tattoo, which might cause harm to the family members in the near future.
USA / Drama / 9 mins

Director/Writer: Lynette Aslanian

Producer: Ashley Beuhler

Cast: Katie Leszynski, India Dupré

After finding out about a family secret, goody-two shoes Honor Roll student Alex Taylor sneaks out on her birthday for a night of freedom with her best friends. Her father realizes her absence and tracks her down, almost ruining her night, before she reveals to him that she knows he's cheating on her mother.