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Old Dragon Man.jpg
Old Dragon Man
Canada | Animation | 2 min

Director: Doug Cook

Writer: Alex Rettie

Producer: Doug Cook

Cast: Gord Marriott

“Old Dragon Man” is a heartfelt short film that follows the introspective journey of an elderly artist as he paints a majestic dragon. As he brings the creature to life on his canvas, he is overcome with nostalgia, reflecting on the hardships and sacrifices he endured in pursuit of his artistic passion.
Not Three Not Four.jpg
Not Three Not Four
Canada | Drama | 8 min

Director/Writer: Renée Wong

Producer: Renée Wong

Cast: Charlotte Carbone

Nate travels between imaginations, dreams and realities as they attempt to transition away from their mother — someone who feels most inescapable. Each night they dream of spiders, cockroaches, and centipedes. 
Canada | Comedy | 31 min

Director/Writer: Jaiden Reese

Producer: Jaiden Reese

Cast: Kyla Stone, Zac Bensley, Niko A.

Laugh Now Cry Later_edited.jpg
Laugh Now Cry Later
Canada | Drama | 11 min

Director/Writer: Michael Vassi

Producer: Michael Vassi

Cast: Xavier Yuvens, Liana Michelle, Britney Tavares

A double study date turns strangely uncomfortable once it is revealed that one of the members has a peculiar laugh.
Canada | Horror | 8 min

Director/Writer: Andrew Battiston, John Battiston

Producer: Andrew Battiston, John Battiston

A sheltered young girl, VALERIE struggles to separate her nightmares from reality. She believes that someone is out to murder her. Tensions rise when Valerie is home alone and she must confront her personal demons. All is not as it seems.
Without Your Love.jpg
Without Your Love
Canada | Drama | 16 min

Director/Writer: Diana Parks, Adrian Parks

Producer: Kevin C.W. Wong

Cast: Diana Parks, Adrian Parks

After a death in the family, two ex-lovers confront their attempts and failures to get back together over the course of ten years.
Canada | Horror | 13 min

Director/Writer: Jaiden Reese

Producer: Jaiden Reese

Cast: Elanna Ross, Liam Leone, Nagisa Okana

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