Program 4

Romania / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Florin Babei

Writer/Producer: Constantin Cosma

Cast: Anisia Drumea, Iulia Lumanare

Eliza is a short film that tells the story of a 9-year old orphan girl with the Down syndrome, named Eliza, who is taken from the orphanage by Magda over the winter holidays. Magda is a woman with severe health problems and she will have to abandon Eliza for this reason.
Canada / Drama / 28 mins

Director: Eric Y. Zhang

Writer: Suber Zhao, Liang Dehui

Producer: Yolanda Li, Shi Xiaolei

Cast: Ludi Lin, August Kwan

It not only encompasses an emotional entanglements, but also brings in the scientific fiction and suspense elements. The story was about two men and one woman, who fall in love, become suspicious and murder each other.
First Night.jpg
First Night
Denmark / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Darshika Karunahara

Writer: Darshika Karunahara, Eva Maria Mogensen

Producer: Anna Marina Skouros

Cast: Marie-Louise Rakhee Landschoff Meisner, Sheena Melonie Kumaraswamy

First Night is the story of the two Danish-Tamil sisters Devi and Abarna who driven by each of their own sexual curiosity, are determined to experience their first time - the same night. The dutiful big sister Devi has just been arranged married to Ruban and will finally complete the long-awaited wedding night.
Canada / Drama / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Michael Joseph McDonald, Joe Bluhm

Producer: Stefanie Bitton, Jordan Hart

Cast: Tommy Pilling, Maryanne Pilling

Freebird is the coming-of-age story of a boy with Down Syndrome who learns to navigate the world with a loving mother, an absent father, a classroom bully, and a life-long crush.
French Club.jpg
French Club
Canada / Romance / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Corrine Joseph

Producer: Julian Lung

Cast: Nolwazi Malindzisa, Obi Meano

Iman, a quirky teenage drama queen can't get enough of two things: Everything French and Isaac, her biggest crush. In her peculiar manner, she's been hiding in the library and anonymously exchanging notes with him for weeks.