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Dragon Fruit
Canada | Drama | 27 min

Director/Writer: J.Brown

Producer: Jen Araki,Yvonne Chapman, Yvonne Chapman

Cast: Yvonne Chapman, Azriel Dalman, Nicole Munoz

In a violent, dystopian future, a single mother attempts to grow a dragon fruit sprout so she can one day sell it for cash.
Safe Space.jpg
Safe Space
United States | Romance | 9 min

Director: Matt Pittroff

Writer: Jeff Collins

Producer: Matt Pittroff, Jeff Collins, Steve Blair

Cast: Molly Coyne, Donald Chang, Julia Kelly

While under the duress of their spacecraft's evacuation warnings, a female scientist and her AI male assistant debate the terms and conditions of their no-longer-platonic relationship.
Canada | Drama | 16 min

Director/Writer: Claire Qute

Producer: Cherene Francis

Cast: Claire Qute, Cherene Francis, Lamont James Brown

After a decade of living in the same house, the fun and loving McAllister family move to a new street where they are completely ignored by their new neighbours, leading them to discover an eerie reality and find a resolution to a mysterious haunting.
War Games! A Christmas Truce.jpg
War Games! A Christmas Truce
Canada | Drama | 17 min

Director: Adam Benish

Writer: Adam Benish, Mike Dillon

Producer: Adam Benish, Lauren Ramsay, Dan Duguay

Cast: Brock Pollard, Heidi Michelle Thomas, Martin Huss

Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys_edited.jpg
Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Canada | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Marty Long

Producer: Rachel Martin

Cast: Lucas Morrison-Kardol, Hope Fluery, Mich Ward

Jeremy, an alienated and overly medicated teen, struggles to come of age.
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