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Dragon Fruit
Canada | Drama | 27 min

Director/Writer: J.Brown

Producer: Jen Araki,Yvonne Chapman, Yvonne Chapman

Cast: Yvonne Chapman, Azriel Dalman, Nicole Munoz

In a violent, dystopian future, a single mother attempts to grow a dragon fruit sprout so she can one day sell it for cash.
Safe Space.jpg
Safe Space
United States | Romance | 9 min

Director: Matt Pittroff

Writer: Jeff Collins

Producer: Matt Pittroff, Jeff Collins, Steve Blair

Cast: Molly Coyne, Donald Chang, Julia Kelly

While under the duress of their spacecraft's evacuation warnings, a female scientist and her AI male assistant debate the terms and conditions of their no-longer-platonic relationship.
Canada | Drama | 16 min

Director/Writer: Claire Qute

Producer: Cherene Francis

Cast: Claire Qute, Cherene Francis, Lamont James Brown

After a decade of living in the same house, the fun and loving McAllister family move to a new street where they are completely ignored by their new neighbours, leading them to discover an eerie reality and find a resolution to a mysterious haunting.
War Games! A Christmas Truce.jpg
War Games! A Christmas Truce
Canada | Drama | 17 min

Director: Adam Benish

Writer: Adam Benish, Mike Dillon

Producer: Adam Benish, Lauren Ramsay, Dan Duguay

Cast: Brock Pollard, Heidi Michelle Thomas, Martin Huss

Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys_edited.jpg
Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Canada | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Marty Long

Producer: Rachel Martin

Cast: Lucas Morrison-Kardol, Hope Fluery, Mich Ward

Jeremy, an alienated and overly medicated teen, struggles to come of age.


Tickets purchase in advance can be picked up 30 minutes prior to the start of the film program at the festival box office/check-in located inside the Innis Town Hall Theatre lobby.

Show your PayPal confirmation receipt on your mobile phone with photo ID matching the name used on the purchase, when you pick up your tickets at the festival.


Your advance purchased tickets will NOT be mailed to you.

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