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Canada | Animation | 6 min

Director/Writer: Doc Sims

On a Distant Moon, Man sends his Machines out into the Unimaginable to find Signs of Life. But what it finds isn't what Man wanted, it is what Machine needed.
Begin Again_edited.jpg
Begin Again
Canada | Comedy | 7 min

Director/Writer: Gabriel Venneri

Producer: Gabriel Venneri, Kate Schroder

Cast: Gabriel Venneri, Gabriel Venneri, Andrew Di Rosa

A broken heart, a chance to start over, and a coffee mug
You, Forever.jpg
You, Forever
Canada | Documentary | 15 min

Director/Writer: Brenda Elizabeth Kovrig

Producer: Brenda Elizabeth Kovrig

Cast: Deborah Grover, Precious Chong, Tabby Johnson

Robert Ettinger – the ‘father of cryonics’ speaks of his life’s work while his patients experience an unnatural existence.
Canada | Documentary | 15 min

Director: Jerome Riel

Producer: Thomas Skrlj

Cast: Trison Brookes

Valevictorious follows the story of Triston Brookes, a Canadian boxing champion as he moves toward his goal of qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 
Canada | Documentary | 28 min

Director: Affrica Spence

Writer: Affrica Spence, Dwayne Morgan, Gabrielle Cohen

Producer: Ann Ewan, Rob Ewan

Cast: Bowen Hu, Alyssa Hong, Rika Ran

Voetry, a blend of visual arts and spoken word poetry. This project captures the depth of filmed day to day moments, and the poetic confessions within them. Each rendition of spoken word poetry paints the picture of individual poets through a series of intimate stand alone short films. 
Unbroken: A Story of Resistance
Canada | Documentary | 20 min

Director: Katharine Lake Berz

Producer: Katharine Lake Berz

Civilian victims of Russia’s terror, Oleksandra Ikonnikova and her 6-year-old daughter Nadiia, spend three weeks at a Ukrainian field hospital for the wounded of heart. Oleksandra, who struggled to keep Nadiia alive, is suffering acute post-traumatic stress. Nadiia has stopped eating.
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