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The Lady in Red
Canada | Drama | 10 min

Director/Writer: Amir Farouk Qassir Alzeil

Producer: Amir Farouk Qassir Alzeil

Cast: Pete Alexander, Elena Zavet

The story starts in a small dark room with a mysterious vibe, setting the stage for the rest of the film. On a tiring day, the protagonist (Chris) receives a letter that upsets him. He sets a meeting with his girlfriend (Carla) to meet. The story goes back and forth, in our already happened story and the dark room (Prosecutor’s room), increasing the suspense.
A Losing Game.jpg
A Losing Game
Canada | Sci-fi | 7 min

Director/Writer: Jungkyu Hwang

Producer: Jungkyu Hwang

Cast: Alex Prosterman, Taylor John, Dennis Mok

In the near future where every relationship must be approved by a government AI, a woman is determined to date someone who is not compatible with her. As she delves deeper into the connection between her relationship goal and her past during an appeal process, the flawed human nature collides with a flawed system.
Ripples of Remorse.JPG
Ripples of Remorse
Canada | Drama | 16 min

Director: Jacob Phair

Writer: Amaan Khan

Producer: Jake Norman

Cast: Noaman Rahin, Zaid Usmani

Two estranged brothers rekindle their relationship on the way to their father's funeral
Canada | Drama | 9 min

Director/Writer: James Dongkeon Lee

Producer: James Dongkeon Lee

Cast: Christopher Sterling, Luciano Logna

When John takes a seat on a bench at a park, a stranger, Arrian, initiates a conversation with John. As the conversation develops, strange things begin to happen to John. While John cannot grasp what is going on, Arrian tells John that he has to decide now whether will he takes a bus leaving in a few minutes that can get him to the true “Destination”.
Just a Assignment.JPG
Just An Assignment
Canada | Drama | 10 min

Director/Writer: Siyi Quan

Producer: Siyi Quan

Cast: Bowen Hu, Alyssa Hong, Rika Ran

SIYI and her two friends, KEY and ALYSSA, are discussing her script on Zoom - a story about a culture clash between SU, a female international student, and KAT, a white girl, at a Chinese restaurant. Key and Alyssa make some seemingly scathing comments about the script, causing Siyi to end up in helpless contemplation.
Neck Tattoo.JPG
Neck Tattoo
Canada | Drama | 7 min

Director/Writer: Brett McNeill

Producer: Michael Dineen

Cast: Taylor Brunatti, Chad Toth, Michael Dineen

A date reaches its climax when Scott explains to Sasha why he got a neck tattoo
Yesterday Will Hurt.JPG
Yesterday Will Hurt
Canada | Drama | 28 min

Director: Serafina Fraracci

Writer: Emily Bak, Serafina Fraracci, Abhishek Mishra

Producer: Ellis Curran, Emily Bak, Serafina Fraracci

Cast: Jordan Boscariol, Bronson Black, Laura Provenzano, Daniel Christian Jones, Joanne Latimer, Jim Canale

"Yesterday Will Hurt" is a pilot episode that follows Joey Walker, a pessimistic, hot-headed, 17-year-old who suffers from frightening flashbacks from her childhood. 
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