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Mad Pierrette.jpg
Mad Pierrette
Canada | Drama | 18 min

Director/Writer: Diana Bahirian

Producer: Tristan Oliver

Cast: Molly Botten, Johanna Vandenberg

A full-time mime who performs under the pseudonym Pierrette completely devotes herself to the art of pantomime, ultimately pushing the boundaries of her artistic pursuit to a dangerous extreme. The film delves into the psyche of Pierrette, whose unwavering determination to achieve success in her craft leads her down a dark path of obsession and mental deterioration
Canada | Short | 10 min

Director/Writer: Lisa Robertson

Producer: Lisa Robertson

Cast: Elizabeth Saunders, Pegah Ghafoori

SmokeBreak, starring Elizabeth Saunders and Pegah Ghafoori (both in MGM+’s hit show FROM) tells the story of a mother’s uncomfortable reunion with her daughter that exposes how their deep bond broke and why it may remain forever – in pieces. 
Heavenly Flames.jpg
Heavenly Flames
Canada | Comedy | 7 min

Director/Writer: Quentin Ferrant

Cast: Sayla De Goede, Cristian Kawa

Two lonely souls searching for love ask St. Joseph for help.
Empty Nest.jpg
Empty Nest
Canada | Comedy | 15 min

Director/Writer: Chris Deacon

Producer: Christine Victoria Deacon

Cast: Lindsey Connell, Michael Mcmurtry, Teresa Pavlinek, Clementine Bainbridge. 

After dropping their kids off at camp, a couple tries to rekindle their romance
Could You Take My Equipment.jpg
Could You Take My Equipment?
Canada | Drama | 16 min

Director/Writer: Sheila Warren

Producer: Sheila Warren

Cast: Athena Kaitlin Tranh, Taelor Lewis-Joseph, Kerry-Lee Finkle

A homeless teen finds community and support through a women's hockey league.
The Two of Us.jpg
The Two of Us
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Conor Struan Forrest

Producer: Madeline Atkins

Cast: Madeleine Simard, Crosby Mercer, Daniel Christian Jones

11-year-old Jerry is a regular kid with an "evil" big sister, Madison, and pretty ordinary parents. He starts to develop a crush on a girl and in the process becomes confused by the relationships around him. Discovering his parent’s open non-monogamous relationship, he comes to understand that what may appear complicated, isn’t necessarily so; Sometimes it just works.
Food for Thought.jpg
Food for Thought
Canada | Drama | 8 min

Director/Writer: Christine Hann

Producer: Maria Belenkova-Buford, Anju Malhotra, Lori Zozzolotto

Cast: Anthony Zita, Pamela Scott-Demetriou, Chris Reid

A retired accountant who volunteers at a local food bank struggles to understand that clients aren’t numbers and learns that food is a source of sustenance and dignity.
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