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The Star Mill.jpg
The Star Mill
Canada | Animation | 5 min

Director: Daniel Blake

A boy and his pet owlbear learn to appreciate the present, and not worry about the future, while running a windmill that powers the stars at night.
Feeling Fine.JPG
Feeling Fine
Canada | Drama | 22 min

Director/Writer: Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller

Producer: Fateema Al-Hamaydeh Miller, Philippe Corbin, Sarah Pufek

Cast: Andrea Massoud, Matt Shaw

Sara & Cameron, two actors who refuse to quit their shared Meisner class after they break up, deal with grief, closure and reminiscing their connection in this short that both honours and pokes fun at the experience of heartbreak.
Canada | Drama | 11 min

Director/Writer: Julian Elia

Producer: Julian Elia, Robert Bazzocchi, Maia Jae

Cast: Robert Bazzocchi, Maia Jae

Vern and Gen spend their evening deciding what to eat, but their contrasting needs might spoil each other's appetite…
Canada | Drama | 9 min

Director/Writer: Sadiel Gomez

Producer: Sadiel Gomez

Cast: Nicole Birch Bayley, Sadiel Gomez Vigoa, Sheri Birch

Ollie tells the story of the daily life of a dog at the beginning of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The dog realizes that his human has stopped leaving the house for work in the morning. He feels extremely happy that his human stays in the house almost all day, every day with him. But one day, the human becomes very sick and suddenly is gone. The dog stays alone for many days without knowing if his human will return.
The Dreamer.jpg
The Dreamer
Canada | Drama | 20 min

Director/Writer: Daniel Romero

Producer: Daniel Romero

Cast: Daniel Romero, Stephanie Herrera, Alejandro Ampudia

A Latin American teen in Canada builds the courage to tell his Hispanic parents that he wants to be an actor, much to their disapproval. As the conversation progresses, tensions rise, chaos ensues, and true colours are shown amidst the family drama.
France | Drama | 6 min

Director/Writer: Jasmine Bissete

Producer: Joshua Chun, Maya Hartleben, Sarah Moustakim

Cast: Emie Obry, Lana Obry, Claudia Marie DiGiambattista

1968, Tehran, Iran. When French-Iranian student Niloufar, 10, learns that President Georges Pompidou will visit her school, she devises her own way to make an impression. 
Draw Up and Stare.jpg
Draw Up and Stare
United States | Drama | 20 min

Director: Jeremiah Kipp

Writer: Emily Donahoe

Producer: David McMahon, Emily Donahoe, Amanda Rehbein

Cast: Melissa Leo, Michael O'Keefe, Linda Powell

A fireman returns to his quiet upstate cabin after unexpected time away, only to discover that he's not alone.
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