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Missing Person.jpg
Missing Person
Canada | Drama | 30 min

Director/Writer: David Cartwright

Producer: Mathew Edmondson

Cast: Daniel Christian Jones, Heather Ferguson, Mikelle Virey

The Bailey's marriage is strained after their son mysteriously goes missing. Mr. Bailey begins to spiral out of control as he desperately seeks to find his son.
Canada | Drama | 15 min

Director/Writer: Yassin Nour

Producer: Yassin Nour

Cast: Tyrrell Gardner, Alejandro Hernandez, Cristina Paolleta

Two emotionally distant brothers come to terms with their past after a disastrous night. In their house's driveway they confront each other about why they're both acting like this only to find the root of all this being their father's sudden departure from their lives. They both bond over their father and memories of him.
Used Furniture.JPG
Used Furniture
Canada | Drama | 10 min

Director/Writer: Conor Forrest

Producer: Madeline Atkins, Alexandra Floras Matic

Cast: Tom Lute, Samuel Wexler, Alexandra Floras Matic

On an idyllic afternoon at the beach Philly faces his unrequited love for his roommate Jamie while trying to distance himself from their trio friendship.
Open House.jpg
Open House
Canada | Drama | 14 min

Director/Writer: Rayisa Kondracki

Producer: Clara Altimas, Mark Waters

Cast: Luba Goy, Simon Sinn

A woman holds an open house with the hope of cashing in on her investment and finding companionship for whatever it is that awaits her next.
Above Her Lips.jpg
Above Her Lips
Canada | Drama | 23 min

Director/Writer: Linda Wong

Producer: Anthony Carniello

Cast: Alexandra Porter Porter, Emery Nguyen

An Actress falls love with university student. Her pursuit of being of the best and highly desired actresses means she must give up her relationship with her lover to instead keep heterosexuality which can help her in her career. However, she refrains from resorting to such measures, provoking the university girl to end things between them instead.
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