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Canada | Comedy | 11 min

Director/Writer: Elizabeth Hicks

Producer: Kyla Smith

Cast: Kennedy Toms, Noah Perchard, Allison Moira Kelly

Darcy is a fifteen-year-old mix of energy, perfectionism, and insecurity. When an ultra-cute boy from her cadet corps insists that she attend that night’s Trampoline Social, Darcy raids her sister’s drawers and sets off for a dramatic evening of self-acceptance and sweet backflips.
Dawn of Decay.jpg
Dawn of Decay
Canada | Drama | 5 min

Director/Writer: Ian Wright

Producer: Ian Wright, Enrique Baniqued, Rick Harkness

Cast: Jacqueline Stienstra, Irfaan Suleman, Rick Harkness

A beautiful day in the park turns into a life or death struggle as a young couple are attacked by a vicious enemy.
The Dork Knight.jpg
The Dork Knight
Canada | Comedy | 4 min

Director/Writer: Vickie Sprenger

Producer: Vickie Sprenger, Anna Vagabova, Anthony J. Baldwin

Cast: Abasi Ekpenyon, Rachel Salsberg

One night, a teenager obsessed with superhero comics is in the right place at the right time.
Canada | Comedy | 5 min

Director/Writer: Ivana Strajin

Producer: Ivana Strajin, Marina Ryan

Cast: Salma Dharsee, Nick Biskupek

Chaos ensues when a couple discovers legal weed gummies in their daughter's nightstand drawer.​
Canada | Music Video | 4 min

Director: Henry Tran

Producer: Henry Tran

Cast: Henry Tran

Music video & cover of CHANGE by NF. This video represents the struggle of myself trying to break free from the years of mental abuse in my 9-5 job while fighting the demons vs creativity from within my mind.
The Injustices.jpg
The Injustices
Canada | Horror | 25 min

Director/Writer: Calyx Passailaigue

Producer: Calyx Passailaigue

Cast: Corey Dixon, Michael Hanson, David Tomlinson

After the death of his father, a social outcast goes on a killing spree, murdering the people in his life who have wronged him.
Canada | Drama | 12 min

Director/Writer: Dakota Daulby

Producer: Harrison Houde

Cast: Harrison Houde, Yssa Mei Panganiban

In a world where vampires coexist with society, "Vance" is a captivating love story that follows an ordinary vampire's transformative journey when he encounters a spirited human, sparking a profound exploration of life's true meaning.
3 Nights.jpg
3 Nights
Canada | Drama | 11 min

Director/Writer: Guillermo Pastor

Producer: Guillermo Pastor, Romaine Myers, Delia Voicu

Cast: Elzbieta Chernyak, Cayle Cronquist

Sulien, a shy and reserved boy, experiences a series of vivid dreams for 3 Nights where he encounters a lively and enthusiastic girl, Lua. Night after night, the connection between them grows stronger, and Sulien feels inexplicably drawn to Lua. Now, together in the world of dreams, Sulien and Lua will explore a magical and enigmatic connection that transcends reality. As they uncover the truth behind their intertwined dreams.
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